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Lite Fast 3010-M

Lite Fast 3010-M

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Lite Fast 3010-M is a low viscosity, one-component conformal coating. It was specifically developed for printed circuit boards (PCBs) as well as hybrid and integrated circuits for military application. Low viscosity enables the resin to flow betwee

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UV Tracer in Parylene

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 16 18:11:30 EDT 2011 | kvanzill

Has anyone done any testing with UV tracer in Parylene processing? Does it cause adhesion problems? Does anyone have any data they can share on this.

UV Tracer in Parylene

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 11:35:16 EDT 2011 | blnorman

I had read somewhere that parylene absorbs UV radiation, and therefore offers very low UV protection. So, yeah probably not a good idea. Plus since it's vapor deposited, unless there is no access to a surface, all surfaces are covered.

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Henkel Introduces Two Encapsulants Ideal for Sensitive Components

Industry News | 2013-03-13 13:43:59.0

Formulated to address the limitations of alternative products, Henkel Electronic Materials announces the commercial availability of two encapsulants for selective protection of environmentally-susceptible components. The materials, LOCTITE ECCOBOND UV9060F and LOCTITE ECCOBOND EN 3707F, deliver an impermeable barrier to potential environmental influences and offer manufacturers cure process flexibility and deposition traceability.

Henkel Electronic Materials

NPL 2017 Free Webinars are Launched and Chaired by Bob Willis

Industry News | 2016-12-12 05:28:06.0

The following webinars are available free online throughout 2017 and are organised by Bob Willis for NPL. A direct link is provided for each event to allow you to book online

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