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NanoSlic™ Gold Stencils

NanoSlic™ Gold Stencils

New Equipment | Printing

NanoSlic™ Gold is our top of the line spray on coating applied to our UltraSlic™ solder paste stencil, which gives previously unseen performance benefits in transfer efficiency. The NanoSlic™ Gold coating also gives the benefits of improved under-ste

Fine Line Stencil, Inc.

NanoClear® - Stencil Wipes

NanoClear® - Stencil Wipes

New Equipment | ESD Control Supplies

High performance fluxophobic stencil treatments wipes Enhance your stencil performance in seconds! Aculon is pleased to announce the launch of their latest generation of stencil coating technology. Aculon’s proprietary technology treats the undersi


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Alpha tetra bond stencils vs Vigon SC200

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 05 07:00:31 EDT 2015 | vitrost

After washing a tetra bond stencil at PBT machine (Vigon SC200, 50 deg Celsius by 20 minutes) some signs of glue degradation were seen. Does anybody have an experience washing tetra bond in Vigon? What temperature regime is preferable? Thanks

Stencil Cleaning / Zestron / Vigon

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 23 10:59:37 EDT 2005 | cyber_wolf

Is there anyone out there using Zestron Vigon SC200 stencil cleaning solution? We were told that it can be used to clean SMT adhesive, water soluble, and no clean paste flux. Can anyone tell me anything about this stuff ?

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A Look to the Future in the Electronics Industry at IPC APEX EXPO® 2013

Industry News | 2013-01-19 07:46:16.0

Information that inspires innovation is center-stage for design, printed boards, electronics assembly, test and printed electronics

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

ZESTRON Launches New Product - VIGON® SC 200 Stencil Cleaner Wipes

Industry News | 2022-12-07 07:38:48.0

ZESTRON is pleased to announce a new product to the market, VIGON® SC 200 Stencil Cleaner Wipes. A powerful combination of low-lint wiping material and effective stencil chemistry provides an efficient and safe alternative to alcohol-based cleaners.

3M Electrical Solutions Division

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VIGON® EFM // How To Clean PCBs

VIGON® EFM // How To Clean PCBs


Precision Cleaning Medium For Manual Flux Removal VIGON® EFM is a precision cleaning agent designed to remove flux residues from electronic assemblies in manual applications. VIGON® EFM is a mixture of halogen-free, organic solvents. It dries fast a

ZESTRON Americas




VIGON® RC 303 is a water-based cleaning agent specifically developed to remove all types of baked-on flux residues from reflow ovens and wave solder systems. Also, it removes re-condensed fluxes and emissions from condensation traps and heat exchange

ZESTRON Americas

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