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Vitronics XPM3-730 Reflow Oven

Vitronics XPM3-730 Reflow Oven

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Vitronics Soltec XPM3-730 IBE SMT Inventory ID : 150109-017 Vitronics Soltec Serial Number : X3A70001 Vintage : OCT 2006 Details     Seven Heating Zones     480 VAC 3-Phase 58 kVA 70A     350 Deg C Max Temp     Edge Rail & Mesh Belt Cli

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Flux-Free Reflow Soldering

Real Time Process Control BREAKTHROUGH for Dispensing Industry.
One stop service for all SMT and PCB needs

World's Best Reflow Oven Customizable for Unique Applications
High Throughput Reflow Oven

High Throughput Reflow Oven
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