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Reduction of solder paste usage

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 14 11:24:32 EDT 2007 | Scotceltic

Have you thought about switching to either automatic paste dispensers or rhemoetric pumpheads in order to contain the paste and only dispense what is needed during your shift ? I am not sure what type of printers you have, but I know both of these o

Reduction of solder paste usage

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 14 07:30:14 EDT 2007 | davef

So, you toss whatever is on the stencil every 8 hours. Correct? How long has it been on the stencil? * If that particular paste has been on the stencil for 8 hours, we'd agree to toss it too. * If paste has been on the stencil for less than 8 hour

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Nordson ASYMTEK's Vortik® Series of progressive cavity pumps dispenses one- and two-component fluids during electronics manufacturing

Industry News | 2019-11-12 13:03:48.0

Easy set-up and very low flow rates for two-component fluids result in precise, small deposits and narrow lines


MIRTEC to Exhibit its Complete Line of AI-Based SMT and Automotive Pin Inspection Solutions at Productronica 2021

Industry News | 2021-10-11 16:13:11.0

MIRTEC will showcase its cutting-edge INTELLI-PRO AI Based Smart Factory Automation Solution and GENSYS-PIN Automotive Pin Inspection System in booth #461, Hall A2 at the 2021 Productronica exhibition. The world's largest exhibition for the electronic manufacturing industry will take place on Nov. 16-19, 2021, at Messe Munich exhibition hall in Germany.


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Juki What is SMT? What does SMT mean? What does SMT do?

Juki What is SMT? What does SMT mean? What does SMT do?

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders

The definition of SMT SMT is the surface assembly technology,surface mount technology(surface mount technology)(Surface Mounted Technology abbreviation),is currently the most popular electronic assembly industry,a technology and technology. What a

ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

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Solder Paste Printing – the Most Critical Part of Building a Quality PCB Explained

Technical Library | 2017-11-03 13:39:06.0

If someone were to ask what the most important part of their favorite electronic device is, they are likely to point to the printed circuit board (PCB) responsible for making the device work before moving on to other components. From large motherboards to tiny chips, most of the technology that retail consumers take for granted comes down to a properly installed and calibrated PCB.

Power Design Services

Thermal Capabilities of Solder Masks and Other Coating Materials - How High Can We Go?

Technical Library | 2019-09-24 15:41:53.0

This paper focuses on three different coating material groups which were formulated to operate under high thermal stress and are applied at printed circuit board manufacturing level. While used for principally different applications, these coatings have in common that they can be key to a successful thermal management concept especially in e-mobility and lighting applications. The coatings consist of: Specialty (green transparent) liquid photoimageable solder masks (LPiSM) compatible with long-term thermal storage/stress in excess of 150°C. Combined with the appropriate high-temperature base material, and along with a suitable copper pre-treatment, these solder resists are capable of fulfilling higher thermal demands. In this context, long-term storage tests as well as temperature cycling tests were conducted. Moreover, the effect of various Cu pre-treatment methods on the adhesion of the solder masks was examined following 150, 175 and 200°C ageing processes. For this purpose, test panels were conditioned for 2000 hours at the respective temperatures and were submitted to a cross-cut test every 500 h. Within this test set-up, it was found that a multi-level chemical pre-treatment gives significantly better adhesion results, in particular at 175°C and 200°C, compared with a pre-treatment by brush or pumice brush. Also, breakdown voltage as well as tracking resistance were investigated. For an application in LED technology, the light reflectivity and white colour stability of the printed circuit board are of major importance, especially when high-power LEDs are used which can generate larger amounts of heat. For this reason, a very high coverage power and an intense white colour with high reflectivity values are essential for white solder masks. These "ultra-white" and largely non-yellowing LPiSM need to be able to withstand specific thermal loads, especially in combination with high-power LED lighting applications. The topic of thermal performance of coatings for electronics will also be discussed in view of printed heatsink paste (HSP) and thermal interface paste (TIP) coatings which are used for a growing number of applications. They are processed at the printed circuit board manufacturing level for thermal-coupling and heat-spreading purposes in various thermal management-sensitive fields, especially in the automotive and LED lighting industries. Besides giving an overview of the principle functionality, it will be discussed what makes these ceramic-filled epoxy- or silicone-based materials special compared to using "thermal greases" and "thermal pads" for heat dissipation purposes.

Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co KG

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SMT Express, Volume 4, Issue No. 5 - from SMTnet.com

SMT Express, Volume 4, Issue No. 5 - from SMTnet.com Volume 4, Issue No. 5 Thursday, May 23, 2002 Featured Article Return to Front Page Book Review Reviewed by Dave Fish (davef ), Pandion Electronics, Inc. Title: Reflow Soldering

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What is PCD Dispense?

GPD Global | https://www.gpd-global.com/co_website/pcdpumpseries.php

What is PCD Dispense?   Home   Products Fluid Dispensing Equipment High Precision Dispenser -MAX Series Large Format Board Dispensing -DS Series Table Top Dispensing Equipment Loader

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What Is The Cost Of Quality Brought About By Training?

| https://www.eptac.com/blog/what-is-the-cost-of-quality-brought-about-by-training

What Is The Cost Of Quality Brought About By Training? Looking for solder training standards, manuals, kits, and more? Visit soldertraining.com Training Training Materials Locations Resources Ask Helena

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