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What is Kelvin Test?

Technical Library | 2015-07-14 21:32:04.0

The PCB industry is ever changing and adapting to new technologies. OEM specifications and requirements have also advanced due to these technologies. In some cases the OEMs are asking for a low resistance test to be performed on some or all electrical test nets of the PCB or on the holes of the PCB. This requirement is typically not well defined on the fabrication drawing and that leads to misleading conclusions by the fabrication house (...) This paper will use the data gathered by the company’s operations to outline what a 4-wire Kelvin test is and how it can be used. Several examples will be illustrated of what the 4 wire Kelvin test can and cannot do. A clear definition of what limitations are present during the testing operation will be defined. The paper will assist designers in understanding how the low resistance test can assist them and also identify causes that can identify unwanted concerns/issues.

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What is really inside your AOI?

Technical Library | 2012-02-23 21:16:28.0

Installed for the first time 20 years ago, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) more recently has become an essential part of our SMT environment. Today, most process engineers are turning to machines as an inspection strategy for addressing quality and pro


What is humidity control dry cabinet?

Technical Library | 2019-05-17 01:50:39.0

Dry cabinet is especially designed with fully automatic humidity control to prevent moisture related defects. This cabinet is the optimal storage expert for SMT/BGA/PCB/IC electronic components.Our newly developed design greatly increases dehumidifying system which runs faster and more reliable compare to those traditional dry cabinets. it decreases the defective rate at production line.

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What is UV weathering test chamber

Technical Library | 2019-06-10 22:14:11.0

UV-Lamp Weathering Test Chamber takes fluorescent UV lamps as light source to simulate the UV irradiation in natural light and condensation to conduct accelerated weathering test on the materials, It simulates UV, rain, high temperature, humidity, condensation, darkness and other environmental conditions, combine them together, and carry them out automatically.

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What is usage of Electronic dry cabinet?

Technical Library | 2019-08-19 23:55:20.0

Electronic dry cabinet for MSD storage Humidity is one of the key reasons for rejected products, many manufacturers are taking measures to control the humidity to increase production efficiency and save cost. In semiconductor and electronic industry, the key section of rejected products mostly happen during SMT heating process, Climatest Symor® auto dry cabinet is a superior solution to avoid the cracking. Warranty: two years with lifetime technical support

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What is the main function of hot air dry oven?

Technical Library | 2019-09-25 04:36:01.0

What is the main function of hot air dry oven? Drying ovens are devices used to remove moisture and other solvents from the items placed inside them through a forced convection process, collecting it elsewhere so that the object becomes dehydrated. A drying oven causes objects to dry out through evaporation. Drying ovens use convection heating,also called air forced, in which the object is heated through air currents. Water from the object escapes into the air, raising the humidity level and causing the semi-solid membranes inside the oven to absorb the water. The end result is that the oven removes water from the object being dried, leaving it dehydrated. Drying ovens contain a system for forcing convection currents to develop, usually either a fan or turbine, which aids in the heating and drying process by ensuring that the hot air circulates,many ovens are equipped with an adjustable ventilation system that allows the user to ensure that the system has an adequate air supply. For details,pls visit our website:

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What is the application of moisture proof dry cabinet?

Technical Library | 2019-04-11 05:59:57.0

Are your MSD safely stored? As humidity is found to be one of the key reasons for rejected products, many manufacturers are taking measures to control the humidity to increase their production efficiency and save the cost. In the industries of semi-conductor and electronics, the key section in which the rejected products are most probably to be made is that during the heating process of SMT, the IC(e.g.,PBGA,BGA,or TQFD) is likely to crack and thus cause non-effective welding because of the humidity. Climatest Symor® auto dry cabinet is the best solution to avoid the cracking and non#2;effective welding by dehumidifying the surface of your components. The dry unit can be used for 20 years without replacement,and controller is calibration free within 5 years.We attach dry cabinet application with different humidity range,welcome to download.

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What is the difference between the carrier tape and the cover tape?

Technical Library | 2019-09-03 09:52:53.0

The cover tape and the carrier tape are two different products, and many people cannot distinguish the difference between the cover tape and the carrier tape.

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Bridging at Reflow, What is the Cause and Can it be Eliminated?

Technical Library | 2012-04-12 21:25:13.0

Surface mount technology (SMT) started in the 1960s and became more common in the 1980s. It is the dominant technology in use today. Through-hole technology is still in use, and will be for the foreseeable future, but the drive towards miniaturization of


What is an analog signature analyzer and how does it work?

Technical Library | 2020-11-19 20:35:26.0

Simultaneously with the first complex electronic circuits, the task of creating effective means of diagnosing and repairing them appeared. In previous decades, specialized programmable stands were used for diagnostics of serial electronic products, as well as various testers and probes for troubleshooting during their operation. But the dramatic increase in the density / cost factor, in parallel with the very rapid modification of electronic products, made programmable stands economically ineffective even in mass production. The use of traditional laboratory equipment (oscilloscopes, multimeters, etc.) requires power supply to the defective modules, which is often impossible and unsafe, since it can lead to failure of the working modules of the module. In addition, the use of this equipment requires documentation and highly qualified personnel. More automated and sophisticated signature analysis systems came to the rescue in solving this problem. A feature of these devices is that they allow you to test digital and analog assemblies without dismantling components and without supplying voltage.

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