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Looking for Used low-end P&P machine

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 06 12:51:34 EDT 2010 | whitewing

Hi - I'm looking into possible low-end pick/place machines (in UK) for prototype/small runs - taking the next step from plastic stencil/hand place/pizza oven, as my local subcontractors can't offer the fast turnrounds I often need for short runs. Bud

Jetprint solder on PCB boards

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 06 13:03:14 EDT 2010 | whitewing

I'm sure you could buy everything you need to make your own stencils in-house for way less than 200K - lasercut or photochemical etch. If you have someone local with a typesetter of photoplotter , photoetch should be really cheap to set up. I've also

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