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aluminium wire bonding on Electroless Nickel + Immersion gold

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 15:06:29 EDT 2001 | davef

This otta push Wolfgang over the top ... Recommended reading G.G. Harman, Wire Bonding in Microelectronics : Materials, Processes, Reliability, and Yield, 2nd edition, McGraw-Hill Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Series, 1997. G.G. Harman, R

COB Process (Chip On Board)

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 05 06:51:59 EST 2002 | V.RAMANAND KINI

Hi, This is a widely discussed subject and since you have asked a brief explanation, I assume, you are a business man or a top executive in the company venturing in to COB. I waited to see if someone replies to you. May be it is a very old subject


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 07 09:44:49 EST 2005 | anonomous

The machine sees a magazine, but with wrong number. somehow one (maybe more) wire from the magazine bus does not reach slot 3, as the other slots work, there is probably not a short, as the magazine bus work for other slots, the problem is probably i


Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 20:50:45 EDT 2007 | itaig1

We recently purchased an IBL VPP-M600 vapour phase reflow oven. We currently only have partial documentation and need to know the requirements for the water cooling. ie flow rate, cooling power etc. We also need the spare parts listing and service ma

PCB Trouble shooting Lab

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 09:38:04 EDT 2001 | CAL

With some help from our good Friends at Agilent Technologies our RF Lab includes testing up to 100GHz. Equipment includes Vector network analyzer, signal analyzer, dual channel power meter, noise filter meter, advanced impedance analyzer (including

Need Help Operating CSM84VZ

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 07 09:23:16 EST 2011 | ercdave1

I removed the front cover of the controller box and found a cable secured to the right plate with cable ties but no floppy. the cable has a 50 pin connector. maybe is an option on your machine that my didnt get. I hope tom has better luck. I am goin

Opinion/references about *KAIT brand for Wave Soldering machine (KTU-350)

Electronics Forum | Mon May 17 13:43:32 EDT 2021 | kumarb

We are also in the market for wave soldering system but review if they are the manufacturer. Many just resell the product. Check Jaguar who is a manufacturer. Also note the solder pot size and the cost of the solder. Did not know about your vendor

First time Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 21 09:23:05 EDT 2017 | sumote

I am not going to give you any names of equipment manufacturers as I believe most people tend to recommend only what they are familiar with. I have my favorites as, likely, most everyone else does as well. What I will tell you is equally important.

Streckfuss EO14 wavesolder machine

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 10:37:34 EDT 2001 | davef

Similar to my response to your previous posting on this topic dated 5/8/01, things to try are: 1 Contact your non-supplier [Streckfuss] using the contact points at http://www.streckfuss.com/wave_soldering.htm, obtain source drawings for components o

Re: Digital Camera

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 02:21:32 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

This is out of the normal scope of this site but� I am in search of a Digital Camera for use with documentation instructions. What would be the Minimum Resolution that I should require? I will need details of assemblies such as Component Ide

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