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Yamaha Feeders

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 11 00:34:39 EDT 2016 | smtsparescn

Both CL feeder and FT/FS2 feeder are mechanical and driven by air cylinder,and they have similar structure, CL feeder is paired up with YV series,FT/FS2 is paired up with YG series,but actually FT/fs2 feeder can be used where the cl feeder is used,t

Feeder Communication

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 29 15:52:53 EST 2007 | jmelson

Some other machines are a lot simpler. Here's how the Philips (mady by Yamaha) CSM84 works. Smaller tape (8 and 12 mm) feeders are all mechanical. A plunger on the head pushes a lever on the feeder at the same time the head comes down. First, the

Yamaha YV100 Feeders

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 12 01:54:57 EDT 2006 | AR

I assume that you are referring to the same kind of mechanical feeders (older type) that are used on the Philips (Assembl�on) Topaz as well. First make sure that the right gear pulley spring is set to its stiffest position (the loop at the end of the


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