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TestStation Automated Inline Handler

TestStation Automated Inline Handler

New Equipment | Test Equipment

Teradyne's TestStation High-Speed Inline Automated Handler is compatible with TestStation Multi-Site Inline configurations designed for the most productive and lowest cost in-circuit test package. Advantages The TestStation Automated Inline Handl


In-Line Handler

In-Line Handler

New Equipment | Test Equipment

Inline Test Handler with its modular test handler program, we provide cost-efficient solutions for the most varied test tasks. One concept, many variants is our basic idea; all components of the module system are matched with each other and can be co

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Laser etching onto PCBs

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 13 16:43:06 EDT 2021 | jseewald

Is the variation between markings human-detectable, or does the issue only crop up when you use a scanner? Different scanners can definitely have different results. Try a few models, and make sure you aren't using any damaged scanners. When you se

Question for everyone regarding part placement on the SMT line (feeder position)

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 29 03:11:18 EST 2020 | tamasmagyar

Barcode/scanner configuration can still lead to wrong parts mostly when changing reels. The root cause is still the line operator, because instead of scanning the newly set-up reel, he/she scans the old reel because 'it's easier' for them. I have wor

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Assembleon IFlex

Assembleon IFlex

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

Make:  Assembleon Model: IFlex – 3 modules Vintage: 2012 Sw level:Software upgrade to be performed prior to shipment, contact for details. Modules: THREE 1. Modules 1 & 2 are T2 Modules, each T2 Module contains: • T2 Module

Lewis & Clark

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Europlacer Brings New Automatic Storage and Retrieval Cabinet to APEX

Industry News | 2014-02-19 16:36:30.0

Europlacer,announces that it will showcase the new Lzero3 in Booth #2472 at the IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place March 25-27, 2014 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Europlacer to Display New Automatic Storage Cabinet at NEPCON China 2014

Industry News | 2014-04-16 09:02:14.0

Europlacer announces that it will showcase the new Lzero3, along with the iineo-II and Speedprint SP710avi, in Booth #B-1C25 at NEPCON China, which is scheduled to take place April 23-25, 2014 at the Shanghai World Expo & Exhibition Convention Center (Hall 1) in Shanghai, China.


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Samsung J9072009A Barcode Scanner Scanner PS320KR Original Brand New

Samsung J9072009A Barcode Scanner Scanner PS320KR Original Brand New

Parts & Supplies | Assembly Accessories

J9072009A Barcode Scanner Scanner PS320KR Original Brand New J9072009A Barcode Scanner Scanner PS320KR Original Brand New Skype:smtdwx M/P/Whatsapp/wechat:+8615915451009 KHJ-MC10V-00,SS款ZS


Juki 750(760) IMG-P E86107210A0

Juki 750(760) IMG-P E86107210A0

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders

Supply&repair juki spare parts at l lower price: JUKI 710(720) CARRY UNIT E86127150B0  JUKI 710(720) CPU CARD E8601715AA0 JUKI 730(740) CARRY BOARD E86067210A0 JUKI 730(740) DC SERVO DRIVER E86037210A0 JUKI 750(760) AC SERVO CARD E86027210A0    


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Embracing a New Paradigm: Electronic Work Instructions (EWI)

Technical Library | 2019-03-15 16:26:50.0

While there have been quite dramatic and evident improvements in almost every facet of manufacturing over the last several decades owing to the advent and mass adoption of computer automation and networking, there is one aspect of production that remains stubbornly unaffected. Massive databases track everything from orders, to inventory, to personnel. CAD systems allow for interactive and dynamic 3D rendering and testing, digital troubleshooting, and simulation and analysis prior to mass production. Yet, with all of this computational power and all of this networking capability, one element of production has remained thoroughly and firmly planted in the past. Nearly all manufacturing or assembly procedures are created, deployed, and stored using methodologies derived from a set of assumptions that ceased to be relevant fifty years ago. This set of assumptions, referred to below as the “Paper Paradigm” has been, and continues as the dominant paradigm for manufacturing procedures to this day. It is time for a new paradigm, one that accounts for the vastly different technological landscape of this era, one that provides a simple, efficient interface, deep traceability, and dynamic response to rapidly changing economic forces.This paper seeks to present an alternative. Instead of enhancing and improving on systems that became irrelevant with the invention of a database, instead of propping up an outdated, outmoded and inefficient system with incremental improvements; rewrite the paradigm. Change the underlying assertions to more accurately reflect our current technological capability. Instead of relying on evolutionary improvements, it is time for a revolution in manufacturing instructions.

ScanCAD International, Inc.

Lean Kitting: A Case Study

Technical Library | 2008-08-20 17:28:19.0

Kitting is the first step in printed circuit board assembly. It is initiated well in advance of the actual production start to be able to prepare and deliver the kit on time. Kitting involves the gathering of all the parts needed for a particular assembly from the stockroom and issuing the kit to the manufacturing line at the right time and in the right quantity. This paper discusses kitting, describes ways to eliminate waste in different phases of kitting, and illustrates lean kitting using a case study conducted in a major contract manufacturer site.

Optimal Electronics Corporation

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Demo of the AccuEye System from AccuAssembly

Demo of the AccuEye System from AccuAssembly


Demo of the new AccuEye System from AccuAssembly

Accu-Assembly Inc.

ORPRO Vision SPI Presentation

ORPRO Vision SPI Presentation


ORPRO Vision SPI Presentation. This presentation introduces the methods and technology used by ORPRO Vision in the Symbion P36 Plus SPI system. For additional information, please contact ORPRO Vision at

Orpro Vision GmbH

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SMT Process Technician

Career Center | cabuyao, Philippines | Engineering

I had 9 years working as a technician starting in Smart electronic)as Mainline Technician. SGIC(Sanritsu Great International Corporation) as SMT mainline Techinician and IMI (Integrated Micro-Electronics INC,)as SMT Process Technician.

SMT Engineer

Career Center | Calamba City, Laguna Philippines | Engineering

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) – SMT-EOL Process Engineer (August 2005 – Present) • Responsible for feasibility study for existing product and new product and conceptualize product assembly or process flow taking into consideration the manu

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SIEMENS Pick up Window - 00323208S04 - QYSMT



Used Surface Mount I Pre-owned PCB Assembly - Lewis and Clark


. board size:                     845 x 254 mm per lane Max. board size:                     845 x 460 mm in single lane mode   Set Up assistant Loading unit (2) 1D Scanner

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High Throughput Reflow Oven

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