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Laser etching onto PCBs

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 13 16:43:06 EDT 2021 | jseewald

Is the variation between markings human-detectable, or does the issue only crop up when you use a scanner? Different scanners can definitely have different results. Try a few models, and make sure you aren't using any damaged scanners. When you se

Question for everyone regarding part placement on the SMT line (feeder position)

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 29 03:11:18 EST 2020 | tamasmagyar

Barcode/scanner configuration can still lead to wrong parts mostly when changing reels. The root cause is still the line operator, because instead of scanning the newly set-up reel, he/she scans the old reel because 'it's easier' for them. I have wor

PSV on Universal GSM

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 09 14:05:48 EDT 2017 | ilavu

Hello, I am trying to setup PSV on the GSM.The reason I am asking here is Universal does not sale this kit anymore. Machine Info is GSM UPS Software : (Upgraded from OS/2) MCOS, EPC-16, 650HF, MMIT6 and 3 UIMC3 USB HUB installed PSV soft

Question for everyone regarding part placement on the SMT line (feeder position)

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 28 16:47:31 EST 2020 | jede

We are running a Juki SMT line (3RAL and 2080E). I am not sure there is an option for a component verifier. My thought is a barcode/scanner set up and I am in the process of working on this but waiting on Juki response on a file question. We do use


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