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ESD Powder Free Finger Cots

ESD Powder Free Finger Cots

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Features: 1) Material: 100% natural latex 2) Surface resistivity: 10\9 ~ 10\11��/sqm 3) Suitable for clean rooms and ESD protection 4) Size: S, M, L 5) Color: pink, yellowish

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N-(n-Octyl)-2-pyrrolidone CAS: 2687-94-7 N-(n-Octyl)-2-pyrrolidone (NOP) is a faint odor, mild, and amine-like yellowish liquid. It can be used as wetting agent in printing process, co-solvent for pesticide formulation, pharmaceutical excipients

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The part of sloder become to yellowish

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 29 03:32:19 EDT 2014 | cmchoue

The solder in MB become to yellowish after thermal test (100 oC/12HR) I think the problem that is flux residue and I really want to know the principle that why it color change Thanks!!

PCB becomes darken (yellownish)

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 23 08:43:32 EDT 2008 | davef

Ugh, there are more reasons that immersion silver [IAg] to go yellowish than pigs at the county fair. That aside, sulphur is one of the reasons, as you say. The sulphur can be from a variety of sources, such as: * Pollution in the air * Ill advised p

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How many PCB classifications are there? From material talk-SMT Technical-Reflow oven,SMT Reflow Sold


. It was originally colorless or yellowish-brown and transparent. It is often sold in the market by adding colorants to red, yellow, black, green, brown, blue and other colors, and it is in the form of granules and powder

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. Replacing traditional tungsten filament bulbs requires the production of LEDs with yellowish light. In contrast, illumination in museums and art galleries demands a fuller spectrum of white lighting, while medical and rehabilitation applications have their own, often very stringent, specifications

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