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AOI selection,specifically ViTechnology and Mirtec

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 27 01:17:33 EDT 2005 | adlsmt

You should also check out YesTech. Both companies should give you in house demo's and be willing to leave a machine there to try out for 30 days. They are with out a doubt only as good as the programmer. I think the support from Yestech would be bett

AOI selection,specifically ViTechnology and Mirtec

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 19 20:28:49 EDT 2006 | mrduckmann2000

We recently purchased a Mirtec AOI machine, it take a bit to program but overall we are pleased. The machine has a downward looking camera, we have had some issues with the machine not catching opens. When a IC has it's legs bent straight up off th

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YesTech YVT-M1

Used SMT Equipment | AOI / Automated Optical Inspection

Please contact us anytime if you are interested in Yestech YVT-M1. -. Model: Yestech YVT-M1 -. Vintage: 2008 -. Conveyor Flow Direction: Left to Right / Front fixed rail -. Max. PCB Size: 330 x 250mm -. Condition: Currently working perfectl

C.P Company

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ASYMTEK and DIMA Products Now Entirely Represented in Switzerland by neutec electronic AG

Industry News | 2020-02-18 15:35:13.0

Team offers its expertise in conformal coating and fluid dispensing equipment solutions for Swiss electronics manufacturing


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Combination of Spray and Soak Improves Cleaning under Bottom Terminations

Technical Library | 2014-10-23 18:10:10.0

The functional reliability of electronic circuits determines the overall reliability of the product in which the final products are used. Market forces including more functionality in smaller components, no-clean lead-free solder technologies, competitive forces and automated assembly create process challenges. Cleanliness under the bottom terminations must be maintained in harsh environments. Residues under components can attract moisture and lead to leakage currents and the potential for electrochemical migration (...) The purpose of this research study is to evaluate innovative spray and soak methods for removing low residue flux residues and thoroughly rinsing under Bottom Termination and Leadless Components

KYZEN Corporation

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SMT and CCA Manufacturing/Process Engineer

Career Center | Grand Rapids, Michigan USA | Engineering,Maintenance,Management,Production,Research and Development,Technical Support


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Unisoft - PC Board Pick & Place assembly machine software for electronics manufacturers EMS, CEM, OE

| https://unisoft-cim.com/pcbplace.php

• All processes faster and more accurate A few of the Other Features and Options: • AOI machine programming wide support. For example: YESTech, Mirtec, Orbotech, Agilent, Omron, AOI Systems, CyberOptics, MVP, Koh Young, ViTechnology, etc

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