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Quad ZCR 941 and Lead Free?

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 19 19:46:46 EDT 2005 | aka

What alot of you are not realizing is that Lead Free can be done on certain ovens already out there. And I have had success with the Quad ZCR for Lead Free. Therefore, it is not necessay to purchase a brand new oven to implement lead free.

Quad ZCR 941 and Lead Free?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 09 16:23:08 EDT 2005 | Pete Roy

Has anyone here had direct experience using this oven for Lead Free? I am considering purchasing one, but I want to be certain it will handle low volume lead free work. Pete

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Quad ZCR 941C

Quad ZCR 941C

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Quad ZCR941

Quad ZCR941

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