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Metal foil is pulling away from the screen.

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 21 09:44:02 EST 2001 | markkrmp

Bill, Are you recommending the heat range of 95-100F (35-38C)to clean stencils with the Smart Sonic using the 440-RT SMT Detergent? The reason I am asking is were are looking at potentially the Model 2003 to clean our paste stencils and our adhesive

Stencil buy off procedure

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 04 08:28:27 EDT 2001 | Cal

ZAM_BRI- I don't know how effective this may be but some points to include in the buy-off procedure: Before submitting the PO for the stencil you may also want to do a CAD to Stencil comparison to verify correct apertures.There are SW packages and co

Stencil Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 05:59:58 EDT 2001 | zam_bri

I�ve just had an argument with my Boss on the frequency of Stencil cleaning. He told me to remove the procedures that asking the operator to send the Stencil for cleaning ( using Automatic machine ) after every 8 hours. I said big NO!! NO!!. He said

Life of a Solder Stencil

Electronics Forum | Mon May 28 04:29:16 EDT 2001 | hello

we met the same problem with audit, and i make a tooling log for each stencil and in tooling log , set up some criteria for checking such as tension , mechanical damage, printing result ect. The stencil will be checked periodicly by process engineer,

Life of a Solder Stencil

Electronics Forum | Tue May 29 16:52:07 EDT 2001 | hussman

By far the easiest way is to track solder paste measurement on your board - or solder defects after reflow (key word- easiest). Why spend 2 weeks examining a stencil when it clearly doesn't make defects, or IS making defects. I find using 2-D data

Cleaning stencils after printing SMD adhesives

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 10 13:45:23 EDT 2001 | markhoch

We're stencil printing a Loctite 3614 Chipbonder adhesive, and we're using BioAct SC-10 presaturated wipes to clean the stencil after printing, without much luck. Operators are not able to remove all adhesive material left in the aperatures, and aft

Printing problem MPM AP25

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 16:46:59 EDT 2001 | davef

It's OK to have a thin film or haze of paste left on the stencil. Printing nice bricks of paste is the important thing. Assuming you know these things, so tell us more about your situation. PRINT QUALITY: What do your paste deposits look like?

Re: Frameless Stencils

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 14 08:09:20 EST 2000 | Wolfgang Busko

We are using frameless stencils with a frame system tensioning in X- and Y-direction. After first quarrels with our stencilhouse about the correct position of the tensioning holes ( they needed 4 tries to get it right) there are no problems any more.

Buying stenciling and pick and place equipement.

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 17 18:21:43 EST 1999 | Clarissa L. Ortner

We are a small start up. We will be buying a stenciling machine and semi automated pick and place. ( We have the oven) We are presently stenciling without any assit and loading leadless parts only(no fine pitch) by hand. We need to improve thrupu

Re: Solder Stencil Apertures using NO-Clean Paste and 402's

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 22 21:23:59 EDT 1999 | se

Tombstoning is usually oven profiling, see October 14 thread below. Aperture rules are misleading. Component mix, stencil thickness, paste factors, all contribute. Also, are you making the stencil from a paste or pad layer or from a soldermask layer?

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