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Re: SMT PCB prototype

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 22:34:49 EDT 2000 | Eric Chua

1. Verify all the part had load to machine. Get ready for the profile. 2. Run the board with double side tape. Is better to run one board for each machine. 3. Verify all the placement ( missing, misalgnment,etc )and check the value using meter for a

CP4 Production

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 29 08:57:07 EDT 2006 | jdengler

You have given little detail for anyone to help. What types of components are laying in the machine? Are these components missing from the PCB? But you can check these things. 1. Check vacuum at nozzles 2. Check for obstructions in the path of the

DEK 265 wrong board alignment

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 23 10:16:43 EDT 2012 | dontfeedphils

There are a couple of things that I would check. Check the board clamps and make sure that they're in good shape and that they're actually holding the board securely. If those check out I would take a look at the fid camera and make sure that every

Juki feeder rise error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 21 08:44:00 EST 2013 | emeto

Hi, as far as I remember Juki machines have sendor to check if there is a feeder high. So you have several thingd to check here: 1. Check if there is a feeder high 2. check the sensor calibration. I think it is a beam from one side that goes streig


Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 25 09:59:44 EDT 2013 | bobpan

Hello, This is from my old documents....hope it helps. I would first try mod code 53 = 2 first.....if the machine is a 2C. The motor was known for causing this problem after getting old. These are all resolutions for motor error 4. Step Potential P

Component not at nozzle before placement-0402 components

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 13 10:39:38 EST 2007 | lloyd

Hi Mefunak, I'd say that the vacuum holding circuit is at fault. If the component is picked OK from the feeder ('vacuum check after pickup' is switched on) then the component is being dropped from the head as the gantry moves to the placement positi

help GSM2 Spindles error: All spindles safe sensor not seen for head

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 19 19:19:41 EDT 2014 | dave222

thank you for taking the time to look at this post. hopefully someone can help. I have a GSM2 Q block with a Flexjet 7 spindle head. a couple of days ago the machine encounter this issue while zeroing. the issue is with head 2 on beam 2. on the di

Stencil Printing for MPM model # SPM

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 17 15:12:33 EST 2001 | robhal

First thing to check is that you have a good gasket between the PCB and the stencil (if not check that the tactile is free of paste at the base of it and calibrate the tactile. I am assuming it is not a head mounted tactile) Also check that the wipe

Wrong Part

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 30 17:51:32 EST 2002 | davef

There is three ways to make sure that the component you are about to place is on the correct feeder: 1 Check for the proper component and for the proper feeder location. 2 Check for the proper component and for the proper feeder location. 3 Check for

fillets on fine pitch parts/poor wetting

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 06 19:03:33 EST 2002 | broncos

If you are certain that reflow process is good, I would suggest starting checking the following: 1. Check to see if leads / pads are contaminated or oxidized. However, this usually results poor solder quality throughout the board. 2. Check the amou

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