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Splicing SMT tape & reel

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 13 13:38:29 EDT 2006 | smdtapesplice.com

We have the perfect SMD Tape Splice solution that runs flawless through your pick and place machine. Our splices run through Fuji, Panasonic, Siemens, Juki, Universal, Quad/Tyco, Samsung, Sanyo, Mydata etc.. We have a loan program for testing our T

SMT tact time

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 08 20:48:36 EDT 2004 | peter016

Hi Rob, I guess the ratio between chipmounter and GSM is very much depending on the chip to ICs ratio. This is product dependent. We use 2 HS50 to 2 GSMII, 5 S20 to 2 GSMII, 3 Sanyos to 2 GSMII, and 2 CP6 to 2 GSMII. Are these ideal ratios ? Lean Ma

Chipmounter Placement Speed

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 07 21:30:24 EDT 2004 | peter016

I would like to know what are the achievable chip placement per hour for the following chipmounter models. 1. Siemens HS50 (Spec at 50,000 chips per hour) 2. Siemens Siplace S20 3. Fuji CP 642 4. Sanyo TCM1050 5. Universal HSP4975(re-badge of TCM3000

Need a Feeder Engineer

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 03 12:55:31 EST 2005 | dru_wells

We seek the following. Any referrals would be appreciated. Responsible for the complete development of unique feeders that present custom metal stampings and connector products for pickup by industry standard placement machines. The parts will be i

How is cycle time of SMT line (Chip shooter for ex) determined?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 16 11:09:11 EST 2005 | nkbkiran

Bobpan ..Thanks for the 1st input Let me ask in a little more detail The controller on SMT machine will understand the X-Y positions to mount the chips/transistor based on a given centroid in gerber file---the software on machines like Fuji, Assem

Need Advice on SMT Pick&Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 23 15:52:52 EST 2005 | jasont

Hi, Would you consider pre-owned SMT equipment for your production lines? Panasonic FA sells refurbished, certified machines. My preference in order as follows; - Panasonic - Siemens - Philips Assembleon Please contact me as we can help you with

Dek 265

Electronics Forum | Tue May 09 08:46:43 EDT 2006 | eyryren

This is Shenzhen comofaje Tech.co.,Ltd from China mainland We are the Associator of Hi-tech industry Association, so I think we can become your supplier in China. Now we have Four series products:1 SMT stencil wiping roll/wiper special for FUJI MPM

Topaz Feeder Pick up

Electronics Forum | Thu May 11 02:52:34 EDT 2006 | eyryren

We are the Associator of Hi-tech industry Association, so I think we can become your supplier in China. Now we have Four series products:1 SMT stencil wiping roll/wiper special for FUJI MPM DEK MINAMI YAMAHA SANYO and so on ,non woven wiper 2,kinds

HSP 4791 Problem

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 21 21:20:56 EDT 2007 | mika

Hi, Go for a very "slow down" turrent speed of 50 % and then see what is happening? It sounds that You could face a timing belt problem. I have seen this before. Another thing on this machine is whenever a slitghest misalignment between the the diffe

GEM interface (Hitachi; Universal; Sanyo; Siemens)

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 27 09:28:16 EDT 2011 | dittmann

Hi all, I would like to know, how can I check out, if this types of machines below, have GEM interface? Where and exactly how can I check it out on each of this machines? -Universal GSM2 4688A -Universal HSP 4796L -Hitachi GXH-3 -Hitachi GXH-1S -Hita

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