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Solder Balls in Vias

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 14:14:42 EDT 2002 | ckd

I meant to include this in the original message. One, the solder balls are on the circuit side of PCB. Two, some of the vias on both top and bottom are closed and some are not. Is this a process problem with the board house(s)?

Solder balls on gold pad

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 17 02:32:13 EDT 2002 | computer

Hi, Anybody with a solution on solder balls on gold pad. I have tried the following a) Check cleanliness of solder paste printing area b) Clean stencils on 1 clean per 2 prints c) Use N2 on the reflow oven. Any other methods...

Selective soldering pallets and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 06 18:13:15 EST 2002 | slthomas

We only have solder balling problems in the interface of the pcb with the selective soldering pallet. All other boards (single, and double sided glue and waved alike) are fine, so I'm not thinking this is going to follow the normal path for resoluti

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Thu May 06 10:05:58 EDT 2004 | leon

iam having trouble with solder balls around 1206 caps and resistors, have used different pastes changed oven profiles can any advise something else

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Thu May 06 10:28:27 EDT 2004 | Bryan She

Modify your stencil aperture shape...reduce the solder paste deposited on pad,will reduce the solder balls.Be sure your reflow profile are good before doing this.rising slope is very important. This is my opinion.thanks. Bryan

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Sun May 09 12:59:29 EDT 2004 | Lloydy

Try using the wendy-house style on the specififc area's where you have solder balling. It's not always a good idea to do a global reduction to all apperatures.

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Tue May 11 22:20:42 EDT 2004 | davef

Solder ball problems has to be one of the most popular topics on SMTnet. There is hundreds of postings on the topic in the fine SMTnet Archives. For instance: http://www.smtnet.com/forums/Index.cfm?CFApp=1&Message_ID=15669

Solder balls

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 02 17:08:58 EDT 2004 | blnorman

We used to use Alpha paste. Every summer we had solder ball problems when the humidity rose. Time frame sounds like this is something to check in to.

PBGA vias throwing solder balls

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 15 22:52:58 EDT 2004 | pdeuel

We had same problem. Solder balls appeared on top side of board and led to damaged second side stencles. We worked around problem by running blank boards thru oven and inspecting and removing solder before processing boards with parts.

minimum solder ball (bead) size

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 07 21:45:53 EDT 2006 | davef

We do not understand the question. Take a deep breath, remember not all of us are trained as geologists. The smallest solder ball we've seen is a little less than 5 nm.

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