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soldering irons for lead free

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 12 08:44:58 EDT 2005 | jdengler

JBC is offering "Lead free" tips now. They have this on the web site: "JBC recently released a new series of tips featuring a thicker iron bath that we find more resistent to aggressive additives and flux as found in lead free alloy." We have not d

soldering to thick gold plating

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 11:26:12 EDT 2006 | flipit

Hi, I believe you have classic gold imbrittlement here. With 80 microinches of gold you are way over the limit. You can try to reflow longer time and at a higher temperature. The gold does not melt into the solder joint. The gold dissolves into

soldering irons for lead free

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 12 06:13:30 EDT 2005 | dougs

A while back we checked out all our manufacturing equipment for lead free capability, we thought our soldering irons would all be fine as they can reach temperatures well in excess of lead free alloy melting points. Last week i was speaking to someo

Poor soldering on fine pitch?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 09 10:14:38 EDT 2006 | pjc

The leads may be that Alloy 42. I would look to be sure your peak temp at reflow is over 220C, like 222C is nice. Also check that time-over-liquidous is meeting solderpaste mfrs. specification.

Poor soldering on fine pitch?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 12:25:50 EDT 2006 | Rob

Hi Shawn, See if you can get hold of a free tub of Koki S3X58-M406, it claims to be good with Alloy 42. http://www.ko-ki.co.jp/product/new_product.html#new03 Cheers, Rob.

lead free 0603 wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 05 11:27:10 EST 2008 | patrickbruneel

Every problem faced with (all) lead free alloys can be solved with 2 words �add lead� I'll keep it short don't want to sound like a broken record.

wave soldering and solder bridge

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 19:01:45 EST 2007 | bbarton

As someone with a LOT of experience with the "low cost" alternative alloys, primarily SACX, I have one simple question....Are these shorts a new phenomena? WAS your process in control, and all of a sudden it's not? If the answer is YES, take a look a

Ag/Pd termination reflow soldering issues

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 18 08:14:20 EDT 2007 | davef

Silver palladium termination * AgPd-terminated capacitors are designed for conductive adhesion. Reflow or wave soldering is not recommended. [EPCOS Multilayer ceramic capacitors, Soldering directions, October 2006] * CONDUCTIVE EPOXY BONDING. Epoxy c

SN/PB soldering with gold plated pcb

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 23 19:31:25 EDT 2005 | molosse21

Hi, Is there a solder paste alloy espacially done to solder components on a pcb gold plated ??? I am using the AIM 297DX SN63/PB37 no clean and i had a comments from my customer telling me that i am not using the right alloy. Personally i never he

Pb soldering to Pb free finishes

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 01 16:56:40 EDT 2009 | gplume

Does anyone out there have experience soldering with Pb solder (Sn 63 or Sn 62) to SAC 305 coated PCB lands (about 50um) or Sn-Cu plated lands (about 10um). I know soldering Pb free (Sac based soler) to Pb/Sn coated lands is a no-no, but was waonderi

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