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ICT Fixtures No-Clean Flux

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 16 14:04:14 EST 2000 | Cartman

Greetings. My company has a VOC-Free no-clean wave solder flux with 4% solids. I have a number of questions as they relate to our ICT Fixtures. Currently, we're encountering the following issues: 1.) PM on probes....What is the recommended PM p

Re: Cure/Reflow Profile

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 23 04:47:29 EST 2000 | Dean

Hey Sal. Requests I typically receive from management stay just that - requests! Maby its just me but unless you have a single line capable of full double sided capability (printer, P&P, flipper (inverter), printer, P&P, reflow oven) the extra trou

Poor wetting to palladium

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 29 06:44:59 EST 2001 | Scott B

I have recently come across a device which has a palladium over nickel finish which when soldered shows evidence of poor wetting to the lead ( i.e. a wetting angle greater than 90�) about three quarters of the way up the side of lead. This is only vi

Need SMT Expert's Help

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 05:49:11 EST 2001 | Dreamsniper

Hi, We are encountering a shortage on our parts and our purchasing said that the parts, which is in PLCC packaging, is hard to order from the local and international market and we can only get them in QFP packaging. Now the problem enters here. Our P

How does temperature and humidity effect solder paste/printing

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 11 22:05:58 EDT 2001 | davef

OA pastes are more hydroscopic than NC pastes. Hydroscopic. The capacity of a material to absorb and retain moisture from the ambient air. Sometimes this is compounded if you remove paste from the frig and let it warm to room temperature, because


Electronics Forum | Tue May 08 19:28:29 EDT 2001 | mparker

Received my copy of the standard about a month ago. Seems straightforward and gets away from the percentage nightmare. Mark Twain said it best with "There are 3 kinds of lies in this world - lies, damn lies and statistics!!" Now I have some nagging

Non-wetting on 0402 chips capacitors

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 13:11:22 EDT 2001 | zam_bri

Hi.. Recently, I have received a few reels of 0402 with an old date code ( but still less than 2 years old).I don't have a capability in-house to carry out the solderability test except for the dipping test ( dip the components in the molten solder

Soldering to Immersion Tin surface finish

Electronics Forum | Mon May 14 17:14:07 EDT 2001 | davef

First, consider checking the fine SMTnet Archives. Look for threads on "white tin", in addition to "immersion tin". We�ve had a cuppla good ones of late. Merix [http://www.merix.com] gives a good comparison of different solderability preservatives

Inspection Methods

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 21:16:18 EDT 2001 | djarvis

Dave, We don't do any inspection. Before everyone says "bull...t". Let me explain. We are an OEM. I spent six years in subcontractor hell and wouldn't go back for all the tea in China. It took me two years to convince them when I first got here but I

Re: un-tested assembled circuit reject rates

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 08 02:07:25 EST 1999 | Scott Cook

Tim, What Brian writes is all true. However, let em put it into a sales / marketing perspective..... The REAL issue in your situation is: Who is responsible for the failures which WILL result in shipping untested product? Typically, your customer

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