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Rippling effect of stencils

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 00:39:09 EST 2002 | Jones

I've noticed that after we have switched to Transition Automation blades on our MPM screen printers that the stencils seem to be wearing out faster and I see a wavy rippling effect across the length of the stencil thats impacted by the squeege blade.

Rippling effect of stencils

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 08:13:18 EST 2002 | Dave G

What Snap-Off are you running ? I've seen this happen when a large negative Snap-Off is used. If you "contact" print (I.E. Zero Snap-Off) this tends to minimize the stencil coining. We use a mix of MPM & Transition Automation blades. I have noticed

Temporary Stencil for MPC555 PBGA

Electronics Forum | Thu May 30 11:12:38 EDT 2002 | robbied

If I get you right and you are looking for a micro stencil for bga rework, then you should try http://www.circuittechctr.com. They are offering a free sample of their Flextac micro stencils in a wide range of sizes. The thing with these ones is that

Cleaning SMD Adhesives

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 29 13:26:59 EDT 2002 | carln

Dave, Are you using The DEK plastic stencils with the 3906 or stainless steel? When we were using stainless steel, just about anything worked. It seems that the process for cleaning these *%#*&@" plastic stencils is either the best kept secret in

Cleaning SMD Adhesives

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 29 15:24:07 EDT 2002 | OhioD

Interesting. From the reaction we got from DEK, I thought we were the only ones with pumpprint woes. We've tried 1 stencil with Bioact SC10, Hydrex SP&WS, Axarel, and Loctite remover on both Heraeus and Loctite glues. Some we spray, some we work-in m

QFP IC open solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 24 12:58:27 EDT 2002 | dragonslayr

Although focusing on solderability may be the right answer, I wonder if you are satisfied that co-planarity is not the root cause. With random events of contact opens, this may be the case. Cleanliness of the stencil can also be a source of your pr

Stencil spec software

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 18 14:45:33 EST 2004 | Mauro Pinheiro

I'm looking for a shareware software that I could use for specifying stencils (we are stencil users not manufacturers). I would like to enter some preliminary spec in a software form, such as: the smallest pad geometry on pcb (possibly selected from

BGA Rework Kit

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 12 11:53:47 EST 2004 | Dreamsniper

Thanks Dave...it's such a good site for reworking BGA's (reballing). But what about when it comes to re-attaching the BGA onto the PCB? We are using Flextac Stencils but I found out that the apertures of their stencil is bigger than our pads for the

Solder Paste Printing Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 14 08:43:17 EDT 2004 | davef

Russ makes good points. Your printer supplier can give good advice on machine setup also. We know we're printing well when: * Paste at least as big in diameter as your thumb is rolling across the stencil * Paste is filling the apertures * Squeegee

Screen Printing using metal blades

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 12 11:07:08 EST 2004 | valuems

Hello Terry We have found that the best angle for metal blades is 37 to 45 degrees. Metal blades won't enter the stencil opening, rubber does. Metal blades are with out question the best way to print. If you go over 45 degress the blades will leav

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