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cleaning spec

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 08 14:11:38 EST 2006 | mholz

I am looking for an industry standard �stock� note to place on our printed circuit board assembly drawings that will capture a level of cleanliness for an IPC-A-610 class 2 board assembly. I�m looking for some quantitative spec for cleanliness that w

Contaminants after SMT which affect wire bonding

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 16:04:00 EDT 2006 | GS

I am not expert, just my comment, the total ionic contamination allowed after SMT, by using No Clean process, theoretically it should be close to Zero. Any way the Standard IPC-JSTD-001 allows 1,56 ugr NaCl/cm2 for the final Printed Board assembled.

Ionic - MIL-P-28809A vs IPC TM650 (2.3.25C)

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 19 13:16:54 EST 2008 | sjpence

Simon, The equivalence factors were used to scale the values measured by ionic testing equipment to the values measured in the standard manual method. There is a good write-up by Bill Kenyon in this Technet Post describing the creating of the facto

Cleaning of PCBA's

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 14 13:10:49 EDT 2005 | Shean Dalton

Hi John, A primary consideration is the type of flux you are using. If it's water soluble (organic acid) then cleaning is highly recommended. Any other flux that fails the copper mirror test, we'd strongly recommend cleaning. Passing the copper m

Contamination test

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 21:03:44 EDT 2001 | davef

You should specify the level of res based on the effect of the res on the end-use of the product. J-STD-001 defines cleanliness requirements for ALL flux types, including water soluble and no-clean that you mention. 1 There is no equivalency betwee


Electronics Forum | Sun May 09 16:25:00 EDT 2004 | gabriele

Military and most commercial standards requires > post-soldered boards to measure less than 10 > �g/in of NaCl (14 when using an Omegameter, 20 > on a Ionagraph, and 37 on a Zero-Ion). > > As Dave > stated, 6.5 �g/in of NaCl is called out in >

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