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Re: Translation Software

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 04:54:57 EST 2001 | mattias

Here�s my opinion PanaPro (Panasonic): good balancing/optimization, very easy to setup and use, quick good results, not so good support for third party machines(optimization), Timestamps for balancing/optimization is quite accurate. Cad-conversion?

Universal Instrments line balancer. Mergeing runfiles?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 18:50:24 EST 2011 | eadthem

We have 2 universal instruments lines 1 with 120spindle and 11 spindle and another with 30 and 7 spindle. our old line was the 120 and the 7. I was wondering if anyone knows of a easy way or a program that can merge runfiles from 2 or 3 machines so

Granite Surface and ESD

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 31 23:14:18 EST 2005 | Steve

Russ if your asking me if covering the surface of the granite defeats the purpose then I'm lost. An ionizer is a very good suggestion but they are not inexpensive. If the table is grounded and the metal bars are on a grounded mat, laminate etc. then

PCB War-page

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 30 16:42:32 EST 2016 | davef

Many board fabs help their customer understand the importance of copper balance. Copper balance * http://www.multi-circuit-boards.eu/en/pcb-design-aid/copper-balance.html * http://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/85633/what-is-copper-thiev

Boards getting

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 25 08:56:47 EDT 2005 | russ

In addition to Daves comments. You might want to look at the layer construction to see if the copper is balanced throughout the board.

SMT optimization and improvement

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 01 04:01:33 EDT 2006 | ts

The PT200 at line converter able to optimize your program to balance the line.

PCB bows after wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 24 15:33:56 EDT 2010 | davef

Our best suggestion - get the copper balanced and if possible go to higher Tg materials.

Wet balance test for PCBs

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 17 05:09:10 EDT 2020 | sara_pcb

I have identified one equipment "MALCOM SWB2 " What is the approx budget required

Wetting Balance Solderability Equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 05 16:04:47 EDT 2001 | Kelvin

Dear All, I am looking for a good wetting balance solderability tester. I hope this piece of equipment is maintence free, small dimension and robust. The most important is this equipment should comply with most of the industry test standard, like IP

PCBA flatness

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 13 22:29:50 EST 2006 | davef

Warp depends on: * How close the board gets to its Tg during the reflow cycle (the closer you get to the Tg the worse the warp gets) * Amount of copper on each side and the balance between the two * Thickness of the board * Overall length x width * T

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