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De Haart printer expert

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 10 14:45:06 EST 2004 | patthemack

I have an old De Haart printer that has a problem. It will not reset either the z axis or the squeegee. The z axis just gyrates, and I think it's trying to get to the zero position, which is all the way down, but it's already down. Is there a De Haar


Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 24 11:58:55 EDT 2003 | clarkk

Robert, Try Jim at PFI (Florida). (407) 339-0085. He used to rep de haart. Best of luck, Clak

De Haart printer expert

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 12 12:44:50 EST 2004 | Jon Dupree

I worked for deHaart back in the good old days. Which type of printer is it, perhaps I can help.

deHaart MPC29

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 11:01:54 EDT 2006 | mhanc

I have a client with a deHaart MPC29 with a failed hard drive. I am looking for the software for the machine to load on a replacement drive.


Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 13:49:57 EDT 2003 | ghenning

Try Charlie at Lake Madsen. 781 270-3614

DeHaart MPC-29 Software

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 10 11:47:14 EDT 2006 | ahackett

I need to find a source for the software for the subject machine.

deHaart MPC29

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 18 07:53:10 EDT 2006 | pjc

Try this person: http://www.karenmadison.com/DEHAART.htm

deHaart EL-20

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 04 23:22:17 EDT 2019 | themartien

Hello have same problem do you find parts (belt) and information

Dehaart EL20 Semi auto

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 06 16:24:17 EDT 2012 | davef

Back in 2004, Jon said ... There is a company called Lake Madsen Inc that has access to the old prints, schematics and many of the old deHaart employees. The company was started by the dehaart machine shop supervisor when he found himself out of a j

deHarrt Parts

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 13 18:42:25 EST 2000 | EdM

deHaart went out of business last year. We have an EL-20 screen printer.Does anyone know a place to go for parts?

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