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ekra x5 stencil printer lost software made by isys or now asys

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 09 00:37:42 EDT 2016 | smtsparescn

Are you sure it can work even somebody do clone the software and copy to you, Normally it isn't like adding a patch to windows of a pc,


Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 24 10:53:12 EDT 2004 | fastek

That's good. I guess you must work for EKRA Ken.

Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 12 11:49:16 EDT 2012 | nicodj77

We have MPM and Ekra, but Ekra is amazing...

Ekra X3 printer

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 18 13:48:07 EDT 2011 | cbeneat

All our EKRAs are fitted with gridlok, works great.

Ekra E4 manuals

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 19 10:22:45 EDT 2017 | howardf

Looking for EKRA E4 manuals. My email: Howard@eit-inc.com Thanks!

Instalation software EKRA X4

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 28 10:51:15 EDT 2019 | robertogonçalves

Do you have the instruction manual for instalation de software to machine EKRA X4?

Looking for a manual for a EKRA E4 please

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 30 11:16:10 EDT 2019 | krbesong

Need a manual for a EKRA E4 printer

Ekra Stencil Printer

Electronics Forum | Fri May 16 16:24:09 EDT 2008 | flipit

Looking to purchase a new, inline stencil > printer. I have been told that the new Ekra > printers are based on the DEK platform, but do > not carry the DEK price tag. We are currently > running old SMT table top clamshell printers, so > any inl

EKRA E5 X20b port

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 05 07:01:37 EST 2021 | djwave

Hello, thanks for your replys. Our EKRA E5 only boots and use the front computer (old PC with MSDOS and software), the rear one always is off, dont start when i switch machine power, dont know if is required for operate the EKRA. We turned on the EK

Ekra E5 question

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 15:22:36 EDT 2020 | tbst

Hello, You can also use SD 218 -40 from HEP This is the Part who EKRA Company used After EOL from the HF The EKRA-Part.Nr. Is 5340000133 Its to use for 2x T8 , 18 , 25 36 W Or if you find Dome Times EKRA has used Quicktronic del Luxe HF36 for 2x 36

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