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Hand Sanitizer

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 24 11:18:54 EST 2009 | 14367

RRLotion, you said you offer an antibacterial hand lotion. I looked at your web site and no where in the literature for your hand lotion does it state that it has any antibacterial capability. I looked at the MSDS and there are no active ingredient

Hand Sanitizer

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 18 04:19:33 EDT 2009 | gregoryyork

Glycerine on a PCB is very bad news as it is Hygroscopic and can attract moisture to the Circuit. Alot of this used to be used in HASL Fluxes and is a no go for Circuits that are not going to be washed. They too could dissolve the natural Halides fro

H1N1 Hand Sanitizers and PCB contamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 09 10:20:56 EST 2009 | davef

Carol: The thread that I posted above is not directed at your question. I'm sorry that I rushed in responding to you. There was two threads posted recently on the topic and I grabbed the wrong one. Here, try this link for a better response: http://

H1N1 Hand Sanitizers and PCB contamination

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 06 11:39:17 EST 2009 | 14367

As you know, the H1N1 virus is on the move, and we are trying to take precautions. We wish to use a 60% alcohol based lotion for disinfecting our hands. It has been questioned if the added substances could be detrimental to electronic assembly board

Need help on assessment of effect of temperature and humidity in battery consumption

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 24 21:00:58 EDT 2018 | marlonbc

Hi All, Would just like to course through this concern on a product that we are contracted to assemble. It is mainly used for an automatic hand sanitizer dispensing product. By design there is a restrictive value of current that it needs to dissipat

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