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Looking for a PCB manufacturer.

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 12 10:52:00 EST 2003 | davef

Denis Caissie, Northrop Grumman Interconnect Technologies, 603-424-4273

PWB strain specs?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 31 08:20:06 EDT 2008 | davef

Not quite what you'ree looking for, but may be interesting: JESD22B113, Board Level Cyclic Bend Test Method for Interconnect Reliability Characterization of Components for Handheld Electronic Products http://www.akrometrix.com/industrydocs/JESD22B113

Interconnect Tech

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 12 18:42:32 EST 2023 | donovan03608

Hi All, Does anyone have any idea what tech is used to make the flex interconnect here? I was thinking hotbar, but the pitch is probably much too fine for that. https://www.cnet.com/tech/home-entertainment/the-future-of-screens-is-so-top-secret-i-c

BGA attach eval.

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 02 23:02:38 EST 2003 | scottf

I agree with Iman. Verify the integrity of the component for moisture. Most definately place an amount of ownership on your PCB supplier. Request tank analysis results and copies of the lot travelers. Look specifically for any in process rework pro

Lead free contamination at reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed May 17 23:45:05 EDT 2006 | smt_guru

The question to ask is not so much in contamination of this mixed technology metallurgies, but rather, will this metallurgy successfully coalesce into a reliable interconnect? I find in my consulting travels worldwide that many of my clients do not

Who's heard about

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 09:58:20 EDT 2007 | stepheniii

And that's better because? I think the guy that thought this up has never been to a board shop or knows what is involved with plating. Why does he think it's the board shops that will disappear? Maybe they will simply build the board over the compon

No Clean and Underfill

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 04 22:57:05 EST 2009 | davef

Underfill epoxies may be classified into major groups [Capillary Underfill Manufacturing Development and Characterization for 2nd Level Electronic Interconnect Processes; B Salom�n; University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus; Dec 2004]: * Capillary.

Laser depaneling

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 06 21:21:37 EST 2001 | davef

I know dip about your question. Try: Sri Venkat, Advanced Packaging & Interconnects, Coherent Photonics Group Laser Division, Santa Clara, 408-764-4446 sri_venkat@cohr.com

NC Flux Splattering

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 08:50:04 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Dr. Lee: We had a discussion on the forum recently and I wanted to get your input. What is the best method(s) for elimating (reducing) no-clean solder paste flux from splattering on gold interconnect fingers on a PCA?

PCB Laminate Materials

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 18 20:58:54 EDT 2001 | Charles A. Harper

Two more recent books are Electronic Packagind and Interconnection Handbook,Third Edition,2000; and High Performance Printed Circuit Boards,2000.I served as Editor for both.Charlie Harper PS to Dave Fish-Please contact me regarding two new books usef

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