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SMT tape boards!

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 28 23:34:57 EDT 2005 | KEN

okay, okay, okay...I'll use the tape. Yikes man. Take it easy. (kidding) Well, on second thought...but I could try it. Naw. Crud. Now I don't know what to do.

Re: SOT-223

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 23 10:29:20 EST 1999 | Larry Johnson

Okay, now who is BB?

BGA void removal

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 09 08:55:28 EDT 2002 | russ

okay, so how does the DRS remove voids from BGAs?

BGA placement on PGA

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 07 15:55:30 EST 2002 | Debi Musante

The XRAY looked okay with minimum voids throughout. Customer reports insufficient contact causing intermitten failures.


Electronics Forum | Tue May 24 13:56:54 EDT 2005 | russ

Okay, fine, why are you asking anyway?

PCB Delamination

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 04 06:00:24 EDT 2013 | susanc

Okay, i got the concept. What are advantages of using pink ring? http://www.ccsintlcircuits.com/flexiblepcb.html

Lokking for help automating test stand

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 09 17:08:47 EDT 2012 | rcarlson

okay, go ahead and email me direct.

Tombstone defect

Electronics Forum | Fri May 30 18:30:32 EDT 2003 | russ

Okay, Okay, I will convert to the metric system. I would still rather say 1 mm instead of 10 microns. As far as paste how about "really little" and "really really little" (type 3 and 4 respectively) This term (micron)is good for people unlike me t

BGA shorts that can't be found.

Electronics Forum | Sat May 17 02:13:43 EDT 2003 | Hon Choi

Thanks all. We are using no clean, so the boards are not washed. That would eliminate the trapped water issue. We would check the PCB after dismounting the BGA, and the short would not be found. When we place another BGA on the board, the board w

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Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 29 14:01:47 EST 2005 | Samir Nagaheenanajar

Okay, "LeRRY" . In light of recent postings where certain individuals keep touting their "free stuff", funny how THIS post suddenly surfaces, and "free material", which has recently been shoved down the forum participants' throats, also surfaces on

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