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RoHS compliant BGA with SnPb Balls

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 17 10:17:55 EST 2006 | Loco

Solder balls that have more than 0,1% PB are not RoHS compliant. It might be RoHS compatible meaning it can handle the higher temperatures used in a leadfree process.

RoHS compliant BGA with SnPb Balls

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 17 11:19:34 EST 2006 | Kris

Amol, RoHS does not apply to BGA on their own. Depends where they go in ? DVD player vs server board There is "solder exemption" for certain product applications. SnPb ball BGA can used with tin-lead solder on server/infrastructure/switch telecom

Losing balls on BGA's after second side reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 25 07:33:23 EDT 2010 | CL

Good Morning JM, Does anything come into physical contact with the BGA in question during the reflow event? Is this a RoHS process? If so, is the BGA in question also a RoHS part? Thanks Chris

RoHS BGA stencil question

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 08 14:55:30 EST 2007 | pavel_murtishev

Good evening, I do. 2mil overprint is not critical. Paste will simply flow back. Paste flows back even with larger overprint (up to 15mil at least). 5mil stencil thickness if fine also. BGA area ratio for both BGAs is higher than 0.66 required by IP

ROHS 6/6 BGA device in Non-ROHS reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 14 09:33:10 EDT 2010 | sachinnalbalwar

Hi All, Is there any way to use ROHS6/6 [Non-leaded] BGA device in Non-ROHS reflow [240 Deg C] temp. environment. I need to do this because Leaded [ROHS5/6] device I was using is obsolete and Non-leaded[ROHS6/6] drop-in-replacement part is availab

BGA re-balling yields

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 22 07:54:18 EDT 2009 | clampron

Cood Morning, We have a similar situation. We have had a large volume (5K) of RoHS BGA's reballed with 63/37. We have had only a few failures most of which do not appear to be related to that particular BGA. Potential BGA failures are running under

Recommended max board temp for BGA repair

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 12 03:54:03 EDT 2005 | Mika

Does the pcba:s comes directly from the assembly line, You are going to do rework on? If faulty pcba:s comes back from, let say a customer from outside or the pcba:s has been on Your shelf for some days/weeks, exposed to open environment (humidity in

A BGA reports (RoHS related of course)

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 13 10:57:18 EST 2007 | muse95

http://www.emsnow.com/npps/story.cfm?id=24814 The conclusion

RoHS compliant BGA with SnPb Balls

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 17 09:22:17 EST 2006 | amol_kane

Hi, is there such a beast out there???....my customer said this line and confused the hell out of me.....am i missing something here??....I have asked the customer to take up the issue with the component supplier and ask for more details....(is the R

Oop's Pb BGA's in a RoHS process?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 20 10:51:47 EDT 2006 | Chunks

Under fill them.

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