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Re: Thoughts on APE SNIPER

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 14:55:37 EDT 1999 | Tony

| Has anyone used the APE SNIPER rework station for BGA packages? | I have not used it, but I have used the SRT and Conceptronics Freedom 2000 rework stations. Both are really good BGA rework stations.. Thanks

APE Sniper System

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 10 14:50:52 EST 2005 | bhu

We have the sniper and it has worked well for us so far. If you are buying a used one it will have to be upgraded to be able to do Pb free.

SMT Equipment

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 28 19:57:32 EDT 2002 | fastek

Sniper- What will be the effect on quality? That's a given. How long would they stay in business in this country would be the question.

APE Sniper System

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 09 15:21:02 EST 2005 | russ

Forgot to mention that I did search moonmandarkside.com to no avail. what is up with that?

APE Sniper System

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 09 13:46:07 EST 2005 | russ

Anybody out there have any experience with the above? We are looking into buying one of these things. We need to process large thin boards to small thick boards both pb and pbfree solders. Components will range from uBGA and CSP to ????? It is a

BGA rework systems

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 25 12:57:29 EST 2002 | caldon

Maxtim- I have used APE's Sniper, airvac, Mecal's 3500, PDR, Pace, and MArtin's rework stations. APE Sniper does the Job but to much automation and not user friendly software. PDR is to much IR and no convection. Metcal's work good now with the ne

Re: BGA-2000 Micro Oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 26 11:04:57 EST 2000 | Casey Scheu

One of the best rework systems on the market is the Sniper from APE Corporation. One thing you'll never here is that the system dosn't have enough power. Check it out. www.apecorp.com Casey Scheu

Hot air, hand held rework stations for Pb free production

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 07 17:04:28 EDT 2005 | bhu

Anyone have any recommendations for hot air, hand held rework stations? We currently use Hakko for leaded assembly. We already have a sniper for bga rework.

APE Sniper System

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 10 04:02:25 EST 2005 | Rob

Did you ever think that if you American's hadn't been in such a rush to get there ahead of the commies in the first place, perhaps he'd be bothering them now instead?

APE Sniper System

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 10 10:20:23 EST 2005 | James

I think the moonman's site needs a dose of Ritalin, it's got a bad case of ADD and I can't find any useful info either.

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