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wave soldering two times

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 04 03:39:39 EDT 2007 | ahdo

Good day, can i seek an advice regarding wave soldering. Will it be advisable to reload the board two times to improve its barrel fill volume? If yes, what is the maximum number of times we can repeat wave soldering on the same board. If no, what

Board wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu May 15 05:24:55 EDT 2008 | grahem

Hi guys, Yesterday when I was with my friends I heard that some of my friends were speaking about Optimizer and board wave soldering. At that time I didn�t get anything about it however can somebody help me out that how does an Optimizer related with

wave soldering conveyor angle

Electronics Forum | Sun May 09 06:34:53 EDT 2004 | alex

i want to know that friends what is the angle of conveyor in wave soldering machine to get good soldering , can we adjust angle

wave soldering conveyor angle

Electronics Forum | Mon May 10 20:16:02 EDT 2004 | wdlau

it can adjusted per the machine and your boards, Not a fix for every board, also if you are talking about the LF wave soldering process, it should be moved to largr angle compared to the tranditional sn/pb soldering

0402 wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 12 04:06:33 EDT 2004 | Steve

Hi, Anybody has the experience or information of mounting the SMD 0402 on solder side of PCB by adhesive (apply by stencil printing) and then wave solder the 0402? Best regards.

Fine pitch wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 25 08:15:53 EDT 2006 | egrice1@wi.rr.com

Most companies are double sided paste and reflow, then selective soldering the thru-hole. This will give you the best results and with much more consistency than with Wave Soldering.

Blowholes during wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 28 07:36:25 EDT 2007 | davef

If the copper on your PTH is not one thou, you will get blowholes. With the cost of copper going through the ceiling, you will get less than one thou of copper plating from substandard suppliers. Consider baking your boards prior to wave soldering

Board wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu May 15 13:42:12 EDT 2008 | sliebl

Typing "Optimizer Wave Solder" in Google brought back this: http://www.techinfocorp.com/wso/howandwhy.htm I have no relationship with this company.

dirty wave soldering machine

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 23 12:47:54 EDT 2008 | bruna

Hi! Does any one can give the reason of the black dust into de wave solder machine. We can found no reason for that, but the machine get dirty to fast despite the maintenance. Thanks for your time Bruna Neto

used wave soldering systems

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 16:49:57 EST 1998 | specnor tecnic corp

we have some rebuilt wave soldering systems in stock ready to be shipped. epk-ii smt with lambda wave, chip wave ,omega wave. 4 preheaters,jacking stand roll out computer control. machine is in a great shape. another machin upk15f with 6 preheaters

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