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Is Trichloroethelyne recommended for cleaning PCB assembles ?

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 22 09:02:46 EDT 2011 | mojomatt

Yes it is used for PCB, I have used it in the Automotive Service Industry for many uses. Most popular as a Brake assembly cleaning agent. It is popular today due to its low FLASH POINT, unlike other solvents that contain Heptane, Xylene etc thease ha

Bubbles in conformal coat

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 28 08:52:13 EDT 2009 | duso02

Yes, you must thin Dow CC for any spray operations. We use Dow 2577 daily for multiple customers and we always thin it for spray operations and 2577 is considered medium viscosity. Dow recommends using up to 60% solvent (Xylene). Your 2620 is low vis

Conformal coating bubbles with 1B73

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 14:23:47 EST 2011 | dennisfo

Conformal coat bubbles using 1B73 and SC-205 nozzle I've read most of the posts on this subject. I'm using the SC-205 (airless) fan nozzle and 400 needle to apply 1B73 mixed with xylene thinner. I have micro bubbles which come directly out of the noz

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