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Yamaha YM84S,floppy disk does not boot program

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 09 03:03:31 EDT 2005 | meritajs

We have problem with floppy disk for YM84s, YM66s We do not have diskettes backup copies and mounter can not start to operate.We have ecspierience with PHILIPS CSM84V without diskeetes What could be recomend?

Yamaha YM84V III Nozzles anyone?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 10 01:20:03 EST 2013 | jd

Hi, I've recently purchase a YM84V III machine and I don't have a nozzle for the vision head(3) I am looking for a/some nozzles, does anyone know of where I can obtain or does anyone have the model numbers I should be searching for? Cheers

Yamaha YM66 YM84 Spare Parts catalogue request

Electronics Forum | Fri May 05 02:27:07 EDT 2017 | beckysu

Hi Andras, The YM66 YM84 parts almost stopped produce in our maket, may you could confirm pictures of the parts you need and send to me, I could ask factory if they still supply them. Best Regards, Becky Su

Yamaha/Philips Model Number Cross References

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 30 18:48:45 EDT 2005 | darby

CSM 84 = YM84S CSM84VZ = YM84VII Generally referred to as the "Hyper" series. Model numbers went something like this - YM51VM, YM51VMII, YM53VT, YM53VTII, YM58VA, YM58VAII, YM100VP, YM100VPII, YM66S, YM84S, YM84V, YM12D. Other models were "created"

Yamaha YM84 (Phillips CSM84) Optimisation

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 21 16:17:42 EST 1999 | Paul Isaacs

Does anyone know of effective pick and placement optimisation tools for the Yamaha YM84 (Phillips CSM84). We are small manufacturers that have 2 YM84 machines, 1 being a triple pick machine for placing jelly beans and the other for placing IC's. We a

Re: Opinions on Yamaha YM84V II

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 01 15:43:04 EST 1998 | Chuck Footit

| We are considering a used Yamaha YM84V II to add to our existing compliment of stand-alone machines. The brochure states that it can place 0603 devices as standard. Is this true? Do you know of any quirks with these machines? Any comments would be

Philips CSM66 CSM84 (Yamaha YM66 YM84) consumables

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 10 08:27:37 EDT 2017 | andras

We are still using these machines and trying to maintain them (huh, old fashioned guys, aren't we?) Has anybody got any info on parts for these machines like: nozzles, arms, jaws, feeders? Thanks:andras

Philips CSM66 CSM84 (Yamaha YM66 YM84) consumables

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 02:57:27 EDT 2017 | tsvetan

I have three CSM-84 machines sitting in warehouse corner for many years, but will sell them as whole not as parts

Philips CSM66 CSM84 (Yamaha YM66 YM84) consumables

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 03:05:36 EDT 2017 | robl

Hi Andras, we use Qinyi in China for nozzles and feeders for the YV machines, it's probably worth trying them for the older YM ones. Contact Eric Wu, sales@qy-smt.com

Philips CSM66 CSM84 (Yamaha YM66 YM84) consumables

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 03:43:39 EDT 2017 | andras

@Tsvetan: you've sent me quote on them in Feb.,sorry but can't afford that price,I'll be your buyer on realistic price only,continue in private @Rob: thanks for the info, I'll try them instantly

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