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High-Temperature Solder Paste/wire: Sn05Pb93Ag02B

Electronics Forum | Wed May 29 22:22:28 EDT 2002 | davef

I don't think thay offer that specific alloy, but if you check with Kester, Alpha, and Indium; they might be able to suggest a supplier or an alternate product thaat is quite similar.

barcode alternative

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 23 15:02:04 EDT 2002 | blnorman

I don't know about TAG Id, but we've gone to a 2D code to replace the linear code 39. It takes up a lot less real estate, and has duplicated information.

barcode alternative

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 23 15:25:45 EDT 2002 | stefwitt

How about a RF ID TAG in a size of a 1206 component? http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,3973,89135,00.asp

Integration of manual odd form / low volume pick and place

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 19 13:57:10 EDT 2002 | ksfacinelli

Ken, Thanks for the info but I do not see where this addresses my main concern of placement using an alternative to the tweezers and keeping the board on the conveyer. Please let me know if I am missing something. Thanks, Kevin

Novastar model 1000 document

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 01 10:54:40 EDT 2002 | davef

As an alternative, consider contacting a used equipment broker or reseller. Many keep copies of manuals in their library in case they buy a machine for resale that doesn't come with a manual and their customer insists on have one. Search the fine S

Time Standards

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 09 11:15:40 EDT 2002 | Randy V

Boothroyd and Dewhurst has DFA packages that are pretty good but are more for analyzing one design to an alternate design vs giving good times for your particular site, etc. You can find their site on the WEB.

via in pad

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 12 06:43:49 EDT 2002 | davef

Alternatives to consider are: * Opening-up your stencil aperture put-down more paste to compensate for the amount that is being used to fill the via. * Relaying-out the board to plug and plate over the via. * Relaying-out the board to move the via fr

Stenciling chipbonder.....

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 22 14:14:56 EST 2003 | Stephen

Most of the design considerations will be for the wave soldering of the SMT parts. Have you considered selective soldering pallets or masking as an alternative? One problem I have seen with the epoxy process is parts that are high off the board and t

Conformal coating waste

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 29 16:59:36 EST 2003 | Stephen

If you are buying form a good rep they should be able to give you all the information you need. I've found good reps have the info you need and actually enjoy helping. And sometimes reps for alternate products will help as well, hoping you will swi

Hall IC Placement (Support with PWB Carrier)

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 05 11:00:52 EST 2003 | msivigny

Hello Joseph, I'm sure there is an alternative but I need to have more information in order to make a suggestion. Is the part setup for selective soldering, through-hole for wave or surface mount for reflow? Let me know if you require additional assi

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