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Pb soldering to Pb free finishes

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 02 11:23:08 EDT 2009 | floydf

Does anyone out there have experience soldering > with Pb solder (Sn 63 or Sn 62) to SAC 305 coated > PCB lands (about 50um) or Sn-Cu plated lands > (about 10um). I know soldering Pb free (Sac based > soler) to Pb/Sn coated lands is a no-no, but

SN100C vs. SAC 305 wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 29 09:20:30 EST 2005 | Cmiller

We have tested SN100C and SAC305 in our selective solder machine (Ersa Versaflow). We wanted to test both alloys in the selective first because the investment in filling the pots is minimal. In our initial tests the SN100C alloy appears to be the bes

Wave soldering PWB with foil surface.

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 19:12:19 EDT 2002 | russ

I may be stupid but what exactly do you mean by "foil" on both sides? Are you having trouble with top flow? bridging? Are you using water soluble or noclean? Are you also waving SMT components? Anyway, normally the solder temp should be 460 - 500 F(

SN100C vs. SAC 305 wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 10 14:44:42 EST 2006 | greg york

Not sure about Sn/Cu/Ni large market share here in Europe as we have a large part of the UK market with SACP0307 alloy 0.3%Ag introduced over Two years ago Also worked against Sn/Cu/Ni alloy with large TV Co and they went with 0.3%Ag due to reliabili

Solder balls - Pb wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 12 08:03:54 EDT 2004 | Rafal M.

We used fluxes: Cobar 94-QMB (no bismuth), RF800, Cobar94RXZ-M, with foam and spray fluxers: MBO clean alloy SN63PB37.experienced with changing preheatting, speed of covoyer single and double wave., we tried every combination. I think the problem is

Right flux for alpaca selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 25 19:26:39 EDT 2012 | caurbach

So, I just learned that alpaca isn't just a cousin of the llama, it's also a Cu/Ni alloy (imitation silver). Creeped me out at first... When you say "poor filling and no solder", are you referring to wetting problems? Do you have any photos you co

SN100C vs. SAC 305 wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 29 11:54:31 EST 2005 | Cmiller

We bought the lead free pots for the Ersa machine and change back and forth. We had a lot of problems running SAC305 in the Ersa. It seems to create a ton of dross and you need to frequently clean and flux the nozzles. I would really like some feed

SN100C vs. SAC 305 wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 03 18:10:56 EST 2006 | slthomas

has anyone used or trialed the SACX from Alpha, > from reportes and studies carried out it seems > that its a go between SAC305 and SN100. Same question re: Kester's K100. Apparently it's a new .6% Cu alloy that they haven't yet begun to market h

SN100C vs. SAC 305 wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 20 09:58:48 EST 2006 | adlsmt

We are using SAC for reflow because of the lower temp and better wetting and copper disolution is not so much an issue in reflow. There is not much difference in the alloys and they can be mixed with no problems. I assume any supplier of SN100C cou

Tin-lead wave soldering using a lead-free machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 12:41:38 EST 2006 | masrimhd

Hello, I know for sure that using lead-free technology in conventional tin-lead machines makes a lot of problems. But I wonder if we can use conventional tin-lead alloy and components with a lead-free machine! Is it possible? Does this imply any s

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