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Stencil Aperture Reduction Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 09:18:00 EST 1999 | Chris May

Can people let me know what reductions are typical for stencils. This can obviously be affected by the technology of the board, but for chip caps and R's do you use 1:1 and only reduce for finer pitch stuff ? Your help would be appreciated. Regards

Info. on Stencil cleaners

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 29 10:35:32 EST 1999 | Jason Birch

Gentlemen, Can anyone recommend a stencil cleaner manufacturer? Are there any advantages to using ultrasonic vs. high pressure? I am also looking to clean misprinted boards with the machine. Thanks, J. B.

Re: Solder Paste Dispensing for BGA repair

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 23 20:05:05 EST 1999 | Jeff Ferry

Ted, We've tried using dispensing systems but without success. We either use stencils or bump the pads with solder. Stencils are messy and time consuming, but seem to be the best thing going. Jeff Ferry Circuit Technology Center


Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 12 11:45:41 EST 1999 | Claude Couture

I use Aquanox SSA from Kyzen corp. No damage to stencils ever noticed. http://www.kyzen.com/index.htm

Re: paste release from stencil, and volume calculation

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 09 17:12:38 EST 1999 | Dave F

Steve: Addressing your points: 1 FINE PITCH APERTURES Electropolishing Laser Cut Stencils: Laser cut should not requiring polishing. Geesh, how much money do you have for stencils? ;-) Oval Shaped Apertures: Pass. What do you expect to gain f

Solder Paste Stencil Reference Material

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 20 15:33:02 EDT 1999 | Mark

Has anybody run across a good concise book or other source on solder paste, its characteristics, handling, storage, stencil design, printing and reflow? Yes I asking for the world! TX Mark

Re: 20 mil qfp bridging

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 12 21:08:39 EDT 1999 | ScottM

Hello Having a problem with bridging on 20mil pitch qfp, only on the lead groups where squeegee goes over width of apertures. Using MPM sp-200 semi-auto, chem-etch stencil, 9-10mil width opening 100 durometer blade. G

Stencil screen cleaners

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 22 10:05:05 EDT 1999 | Jason Birch

Does anyone have any experiences with EMC stencil screen cleaners or can you recommend a good one?

Re: Semi-Automatic Stencil Printing of Fine Pitch

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 16 06:22:31 EDT 1999 | Wayne Sanita

Mark, I had the same peoblem. For my stencils i use a 15% reduction for the width of fine pitch leads only, as Earl said follow the 1:1.5 standard. We consider pitches of 32mil and under. We also clean the stencil every other board to ensure no caki

Re: problem in micro-BGA assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 24 15:44:12 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

Dear guys, I have some problem on assembling micro-BGA with solder paste (63/37). The micro-BGA we assmeble is 0.75mm pitch and with 45 pin (solder bump is 96.5/3.5Ag). The stencil is a laser-cut stencil with 5 mil thickness. We are no

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