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vitronics delta 6622 fluxer

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 17 10:12:16 EDT 2010 | dj_jago

Is it the pressurized system or the pump system you have fitted to the machine? Are you getting an error message 'No flow nozzle 1'? Check the 'ShoRate' gauge at the back of the machine and make sure the ball bearing rises in the glass tube when you

Solder void underneath the mosfet

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 24 11:09:44 EDT 2010 | rajeshwara

Hello Sir I faced the same problem for QFP in DTH product in India. IPC stated that void should not be more than 25% of solder joint. But this type of void definatly create problem during functional test. Please check the folloeing point... 1.Check t

Stencil Inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 15:21:46 EDT 2011 | dyoungquist

At incoming inspection we visually check the stencil against the gerber file (called up on the computer monitor) used to produce it. This is mostly to check that they mirrored the bottom side correctly although we check the top side as well. That i


Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 27 12:10:55 EDT 2011 | kahrpr

Basically it pretty standard to run through the board. For programmers /manufacturing engineers it’s a catch 22. If you check everything management is complaining it takes too long. If you don’t check management is complaining because of rework and y

Quad IVc Fiducial Alignment

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 24 08:16:10 EST 2012 | ngineer

My Quad IVc checks fiducials on the board, but only on the first board of the run. all subsequent boards are not checked. How do i change this so all boards are checked / aligned to their fiducials? The first board always comes out a bit better th

ICT testing to improve yields

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 20 16:33:09 EDT 2012 | cobham1

We check the resistors to value check them. We are using resistors that are not marked in any way shape or form. We also hand build everything so it is very possible to have our operators place the wrong part in the wrong spot. From a time point of v

Heller Oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 14 13:00:28 EDT 2012 | mark25y2001

Try to check encoder if properly locked, also check encoder connector if properley inserted, if all good, it's possible that the conveyor controller or encoder problem... to check controller related just try to set in zero value, then if conveyor are

BGA inspection in mass production

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 23 08:05:20 EST 2013 | emeto

Hi, I would check the thing in the following order. 1. Check paste - SPI is the best way. If you don't get the right deposit there is no wonder you have issues. 2. Check reflow profile - tweak it to the point of perfection for the board you have. 3

FUJI CP65 Hardware NG

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 18 03:18:04 EST 2014 | smtspareparts

Should be too high temperature on somewehere on machine, 1 Check cooling oil tank, If the cooling oil need replaced? Check the radiator of cooling tank, withdraw the filtering net and clean it,and clean the dust off the radiator of cooling tank wi

Fuji CP3 R FENCE Problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 03 12:36:30 EDT 2014 | jimmyboz

Hold the F1 key during power up, it will boot into the I/O screen. Check the 3 photo zones. Check the door switch. In the main screen you can cancel D1 or D2, then you can swap light sensors. Check carefully the wiring, there is a SYNC wire betwee

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