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voc free flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 12 10:45:12 EST 2003 | johnthor

Absolutely, read the manufacturers MSDS. You do have it, don't you? We use Kester 971 and it reads Waste Disposal Methods: According to local regulations. Considered biodegradable. We did take the precaution of informing the local authorities and

no-clean flux removal

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 21 08:00:09 EST 2005 | Lloyd

I recently saw a brief presentation on selective cleaning using Co2. In basic terms a fine jet of Co2 is blasted onto the desired area of the PCB removing the contamination and supposedly causing no damage to PCB or components. I think it's quite a n

Wave flux and profiling

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 16 08:23:11 EST 2006 | pr

The "Wave optimizer" is a little pricey but is easy to use, gives instant feedback (display on the unit as opposed to hooking it up to a computer)and will give feedback on the waves, as well as preheat. They will send you a unit to trial for a week o

Wave flux and profiling

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 18 13:00:47 EST 2006 | grantp

Hi, We have a white residue, which is visible, and we would like to have the produce clean as it's a PCI card, so users see the PCB. I am wondering if we need to install a cleaning stage to the line for these kinds of products. Can anyone give som

Wave flux and profiling

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 20 14:30:07 EST 2006 | Polynesian Pebbles the Joker

Hey pr...sure it's warm there, but I also hear that in that area where you live it's not too uncommon to have a kiddie pool in the front yard (with a couple of darkies in there), pickup truck parked on the front lawn, chain-link dog jails, with you o

no-clean flux vs. impedance

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 15:20:43 EST 2008 | kennyg

A PCBA contains a couple of parts that are not sealed and can't be water washed. We hand solder these with no-clean after everything else is water washed. The designer says the no-clean residue must be completely removed so that it will not affect

Vapor/ensolve flux cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 28 12:08:02 EDT 2010 | tjg

Our latest designs are flip chip on flex based and we have issues with delamination/blistering. We know it is related to our vapor solvent (n-Propyl Bromide based) attacking an inner layer adhesive. Has anyone else ever heard of something like this?

BGA flux dipping process

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 02 22:19:17 EDT 2009 | mikehe

We have been doing BGA's for years now, and I would suggest updating your profile and place a thermal couple on the BGA, keep in mind the bigger the part the more heat it will need, We stencil print all of BGA's from simple bga's to complex ones, you

No clean flux residue

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 01 16:22:35 EDT 2001 | davef

Your supplier�s approach to managing process change is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!! Now, let me get the froth back in my mouth. How in the world do we know if the residues on these "no-clean" boards are compatible with your product? J-STD-001C, para 4

flux dispensing vs flux dipping for Flip Chip

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 12:13:22 EDT 1998 | raymond

What is the pro & con of using flux dispensing vs flux dipping method for flip chip assembly ?

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