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Bittele pcb fab/assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 15:55:09 EDT 2012 | georgeg

Has anybody tried bittele for pcb fab and assy? Their quotes were not bad but I just wanna know about their service/material quality. Myro prices seem almost the same as these guys but I don't know which one to choose. Has anyone tried these companie

Wave Solder question

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 13:19:20 EDT 2012 | cbeneat

I will give 90 deg turn a try, I want to say we've tried this in the past, but my memory is not what it once was, and the operators can't recall either. Thanks for the input, I'll keep you updated.

PCB Delamination

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 01 04:05:25 EDT 2012 | grahamcooper22

If you think the root cause is excess moisture in the pcb then try to bake it for longer. Even longer then the manufacturers recommendation. It takes a long time for excess moisture to come out of a pcb. Try 24 hours , then 36 hours and see if there

Director Fuji Flexa + CP4

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 18 00:35:13 EDT 2012 | fujiphil

If you have the backup files for your program and proper. Try to flush-out the machine memory. Then try again to report CP4 to flexa. If the reporting went good, the communication must be ok. Resend the proper and program.

Director Fuji Flexa + CP4

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 20 02:02:54 EDT 2012 | fujiphil

Have you ever try to replace the CP4 CPU card? Please try replacing CPU. Some cases, machine will boot normal. But no communication to the other machine.

Camalot 1818 Manuals

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 30 12:54:38 EDT 2012 | rway

Try this. http://www2.binghamton.edu/ieec/facilities/process/docs/Camalot1818DispensingSystem.pdf They might be able to help. Have you tried acquiring the manual from Speedline?

solder paste solvent

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 30 17:12:45 EST 2013 | dyoungquist

Solvent makes me think of dissolve which leads me to cleaning something. If you are trying to clean stencils, blades, etc. try this link to the product we use: http://www.techspray.com/product-info.php?pId=3&cId=17


Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 18 14:04:11 EDT 2013 | dilogic

Are you trying to bring up to life an old machine or the problem just started to appear? There might be several causes for this problem. As a quick fix, you can change in th settings logic polarity of that signal, so it will be OK when actually not.

spi kohyoung software problem

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 17 06:29:23 EST 2015 | buckcho

Hello, I have seen the machine doing this problem after being on bypass. Try closing and opening the program again. Maybe the program can have problems, try making it from the beginning. I hope you fixed your problem.

Rework support in the Portland Oregon area

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 20 13:04:57 EDT 2015 | dyoungquist

Try Axiom Electronics in Beaverton. They do BGA X-ray and BGA rework/replacement for us. I don't know what your exact needs are but give them a try. www.axiomsmt.com

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