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Re: Radial capacitors have water gain

Electronics Forum | Tue May 11 06:30:41 EDT 1999 | Joe Byrde

I left the company before this thing ever got resolved, so I don't know the answer, but here's what we did to get boards out the door. Baked them in a desicating oven. You know, the kind that pulls vacuum? It was a regular

Re: Block skip on Universal A/I

Electronics Forum | Sun May 09 14:02:28 EDT 1999 | Southwest Automation Consultants

My company has a product line that utilizes multi-up PCB's. In order to cut costs for this product line, I have been asked to look into ways of running panels that contain bad blocks. Our SMT equipment is quite capable of doing this, but I need to

Re: Via's in BGA pads

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 21 14:38:38 EDT 1999 | Justin Medernach

Does anyone have any experience with soldering 50mil pitch BGA's that have a via in the pad, the size is .012 The via will be masked off on the bottom side of the board. Need to know what precautions or problems if any I might encounter. The proces

Re: Surface mounting at the hotel?

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 12 23:53:24 EDT 1999 | Dean

Hey guys, We are opening our new shop in a hotel and would like to hear your inputs. We will be providing contract manufacturing as well as equipment sales from this location. It will be mostly for the surface mount side of our business

Re: Intrusive soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 23 23:17:03 EST 1999 | Chris G.

Are there many of you who are soldering through hole parts in your surface mount reflow oven? How repeatable is the process? Do you need to touch up a lot after reflow? We don't do long runs maybe 200, 300 boards max. Can you just screen print

Re: Squeegee Speed

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 22 14:21:14 EST 1999 | Rick Wyman

Hey all- My question is this: My stencil printer operator has said that he has to wipe our 6-mil stencil each pass to get the paste in the 20-mill pitch aperatures for a QFP to release well. We are using Amtech NC-559 type 3

Re: white residue

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 23:29:28 EST 1999 | parag palshikar

i am working with the noclean process and getting white residues on the bottomside of the board probably due to the wave soldering flux.i am using a no-clean solder paste and a noclean wave solder flux.The boards passed the accelerated tempe

Re: Cooling

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 25 10:59:01 EST 1999 | Ng

It has been known that sufficient cooling after soldering is important in order to get a stronger joint during its solidification stage. And it has been so much emphasised with reflow oven. But, why many models of wave soldering machine do not co

Re: Assembly of CSP on pads with vias.

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 23 17:00:44 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

Hi Everyone, We plan to build, for reliability/experimental/research purpose some CSPs (namely Tessera microBGA 46-I/O 0/75mm pitch and TI 64 I/O 0/8 mm pitch). the various factors that we plan to evaluate are the reliability and assembly con

Just finished a VOC-FREE FLUX Evaluations

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 14 13:25:53 EST 1999 | Chrys

Hi Folks. Has any Process Engineer here done a complete evaluation or controlled experiment for VOC-FREE Flux? Our goal here at CEBUKid, Inc. is to implement a VOC-FREE process. We have all the necessary (OPTIFLUX) spray equipment, and we're cur

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