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New SMT line - Need equipment selection help

Electronics Forum | Fri May 27 14:15:21 EDT 2005 | ve7khz

Hi Folks, Starting a second SMT line this year and it's been (too) long since I have looked at newish machines and I am in need of some assistance with P&P machine selection. Here is what we currently have: Panasonic CM-202 chip shooter 216 8mm reel


Electronics Forum | Sun May 29 17:36:11 EDT 2005 | MikeaJ

Dear JMT, I have read your reply, and you have one small valid point. There are times when you should call Technical Support. It is not for us to judge when each individual calls upon that resource, allow me to note a few points: 1. You can't always

Tin Lead BGAs in leadfree paste

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 12 01:58:44 EST 2006 | grantp

Hi, We have been soldering lead free BGA's onto products with lead based paste, and we have had no increase in defects at all. We have used a standard lead paste profile, so we are not altering the temps anything from what's recommended by the paste

Via holes and Wave Solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 13 14:26:45 EST 2006 | Wave Master Larry

Well, im not sure what plane you guys are on, but I can back up my what im talking about. Ya see I wnet to Soltec traingin back in 1995 for our new wave. I got a diploma proofing that I know what i'm talking about. no one else in my company has on

Fillet Tearing

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 22:26:53 EST 2006 | Joseph

Dear all, Referring comment from Mr. Jack,IPC director certification & assembly technology, the term "fillet tearing" is too broad. Cracks or fractures in the required fillet area, with SnPb or LF alloy and whether you call it tearing or not, is a D

Double Sided Reflow - Low Melting Point Solders

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 05 22:33:57 EDT 2006 | darby

Awww, come on guys, I should never have mentioned beer and fish. Lucky I didn't mention Elle. OK, forget the points and questions 1, (probably correct there Stephen) and 5. Any comments on questions 2, 3 and 4? This bloke's been stranded on an Isla

0.4mm PCB Thickness - production issues

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 13 20:04:37 EDT 2006 | mika

Hi, We have a customer that want us to produce a single sided 0.4 x 100 x 50 mm size RoHS pcba approx 1000 of them. The board only contains three 2.54mm pitch Non P.I.P, SMT-connectors. We have never produced such a thin pcb:s before. We are thinkin

AOI: Agilent vs. Omron vs. MIRTec/YESTech?

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 09 09:51:14 EST 2006 | pvasquez

Hello Lou, As a high-mix low-to-mid volume manufacturer, you will need to concentrate on equipment that may be progammed very easily, with very quick debug time from assembly to assembly. I have worked with Agilent in the past, and one of my collea

CM SIC code

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 21:16:02 EDT 2008 | davef

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code are sorta pass�. In 1997, the US Census Bureau replaced SIC with NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) in the US. See http://www.census.gov/epcd/www/naics.html NAICS code 334418 Printed

Disposal of ultrasonic cleaning water

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 24 13:46:21 EDT 2008 | bschreiber

I know it is not what you want to hear, but first and foremost, you must consult your local regulating agencies and here is why: Solder paste contains heavy metals. We are all familiar with the problems associated with lead, but lead free solder pas

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