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Indium No-clean and Inert Reflow oven (N2)

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 01 13:04:57 EDT 2002 | gdstanton

Its interesting. It appears I'm getting conflicting feeback from Indium. This says its not a problem... http://indium.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/indium.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_sid=kTDKGClg&p_lva=&p_faqid=355&p_created=1014734692&p_sp=cF9ncmlkc29

Small scale reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 25 07:40:52 EDT 2019 | SMTA-Matthew

Try http://www.sipadssd.com for some help with surface mount components. Made for small runs.

APS Novastar oven tuning?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 13 17:40:40 EST 2010 | smt_dude

APS hasn't replied yet, but past experience tells me they won't do anything without a significant fee. In the meanwhile, I got some info/assistance from someone else on this, and hoping it gets this working again. I'll find out later when I'm at th

BTU oven cooling fan

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 03 15:40:39 EST 2006 | chrisgriffin

Hello, I am looking for replacement cooling fans for the BTU oven cooling zone. The oven is a P98 model. BTU is back ordered, and I can't wait. Does anyone have any extras to sell, or know of an alternate source? Any help is greatly appreciated.

BTU Paragon oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 17:40:28 EDT 2004 | grayman

BTU software is proprietary and does not intended for sharing. You have to buy it directly to BTU as it is individually configured to your machine.

Small scale reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 15 10:01:33 EDT 2019 | kylehunter

Gotcha. Yeah, it has 8 heads. I think I'm going to go with it, seems like people like it more than the 2060. The package I'm getting comes with the following feeders: -15 CL8x2's -40 CL8x4's -8 12MM -4 24MM -2 Tray Holders

Reflow oven reliability?

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 12 11:10:40 EDT 2012 | cyber_wolf

We run BTU, Vitronics and Electrovert. All of those are rock solid machines AS LONG AS YOU KEEP THEM PM'ed. For some reason companies seem to neglect their oven PM's. Make sure you are buying an air only oven if you aren’t running nitrogen. The flux

Small scale reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 28 20:40:35 EDT 2019 | sarason

I built myself a reflow oven using an off the shelf 29l fan forced oven with digital controls. I then fully insulated the cavity around it with kiln fibreglass, and added a metal infill at the back as the back of the oven was just a metal sheet. Anyw

reflow oven advice

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 15 08:25:42 EDT 2013 | torch

looking for a bit of advice really, our current reflow oven (surfair 510) is in the process of slowly dieing so we are in the market for a replacement. I havent followed technologies on ovens for a while but im looking for something that is low to m

Conceptronics oven reflow problems

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 08 11:06:40 EST 2004 | russ

If I read this correctly you have two identical ovens that were setup the same ie zone temps, fan speeds etc... when you ran the same board through each of them one showed a lower board temp. Is this correct? Is the temp of the board 7 deg. lower t

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