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Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 24 19:30:51 EDT 1998 | Michael Allen

Is that what AirVac's charging for their base model DRS-22 these days? ($60K). I haven't priced them recently. We spent less than $45K four years ago, including: PC, monitors (2), nozzles, etc. What's your budget? $60K+ I'd chose AirVac hand

Air-Vac (or other brand) rework protection

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 27 12:42:51 EST 2006 | rohman23

We're looking into ways to better protect components adjacent to reworked ones with our Air-Vac. I've seen a few recommendations involving aluminum tape and other masking materials, but am looking for better recommendations. I noticed Alpha Metals


Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 29 14:42:04 EDT 2008 | davef

Why didn't you say that in you original posting? Among the better suppliers of rework systems are: * SRT http://www.vjelectronix.com/vjebeta/products.asp?title=Rework%20Solutions * AirVac http://www.air-vac-eng.com/ * Metcal http://www.metcal.com/

Looking for a rework station with vision system

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 25 08:14:55 EDT 2009 | davef

Among the best BGA rework systems are: * SRT http://www.vjelectronix.com/vjebeta/products.asp?title=Rework%20Solutions * AirVac http://www.air-vac-eng.com * Metcal http://www.metcal.com * ERSA http://www.ersa.de/en

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 13 16:38:57 EDT 2009 | hegemon

'Hege is checking in for the DRS25 by Air Vac. Forced Air Convection reflow, and huge heating capacity for bottom side, ensuring minimum Delta T across the PCB during the process. Have 3 of these machines constantly in use for the last 2 and a half

Re: Selective Soldering

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 10 19:51:20 EST 1999 | Chris G.

I need leads on equipment vendors for selective soldering systems. I have information about ERSA and Seho already. I want to contact Air Vac in particular, but I can't find thier phone number. Thanks for the help Jim, Below are a couple of

Re: Selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 09 14:01:24 EDT 1998 | Bob Barr

Charles, I am using an Air-Vac PCBRM12 to selectively solder a 96 pin thru-hole connector onto an otherwise all SMT board. Cost is $8.6K plus about $300 per flow well (nozzle.) Went from a 6 minute cycle to hand solder the connector to 15 seconds o


Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 20 18:21:55 EDT 2007 | Hegemon

Consider how the vast majority of PCBs with BGAs are produced. Forced air convection. Anything that comes closer to duplication of the original soldering profile is what you desire. Did they build it with IR or Convection? The process engineer wa

opinion of these rework stations

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 28 07:46:30 EDT 1999 | g cronin

if anyone has used or has one of these bga rework stations please give me your opinion on them. I am planning on using the sytem for not only rework but also low volume prototype production for hand built 1 or 2 qty pcb's, so ease of use is importa

BGA Rework & X-ray

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 10 13:30:46 EDT 2001 | mzaboogie

Good Afternoon. Hope all is well with everyone. > I was wondering, What is the preferred equipment > to use for BGA rework/replacement and xray? I > would like to know what equipment you are using > and your likes/dislikes of the equipment.

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