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Capacitor Shorts after Depaneling

Electronics Forum | Thu May 11 17:28:40 EDT 2006 | bradlanger

Steve, We have had the same problem at my company and unfortunately I do not have any good news for you. We are using a pizza slicer type depanalizer from FKN and if the MLCC caps are layed out too close to the edge they still break. We had to add th

Re: Depanelization for PCMCIA

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 22 16:15:26 EDT 1999 | Steve Gregory

Could anyone recommend a good depanization tool for a PCMCIA panel which has breakaways. For several reasons, we decided to go with this approach rather than scoring and I'm less than pleased with the punch presses we currently use. Any h

Flexi Circuits Assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 14 20:24:07 EST 2002 | scott

My first reaction would be to run! FAST! Flex -- well, it... flexes... and isn't flat. While you assemble it, While you transport it, While it goes through the oven... SMT Connectors typically need to be held down during reflow. Fiducial types are

Resonator Cracking

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 16 08:47:04 EST 2007 | rgduval

Fractured parts that we've seen at reflow in the past are related to trapped moisture in the part, out-gassing at temp, and fracturing the part. I have seen this on ceramic resonators in the past; don't know why this type of part seems prone to this

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