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Preheater for hand soldering - GET REAL!!!

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 24 14:52:15 EST 2013 | davef

Aw, spare me!!! You guys have too much money to spend. Go to Walmart, KMart, where eva. Buy a electric fry pan griddle thing. Plug that suka in. Turn up the heat. Cook some boards, components [grilled cheese sammy??]. Get to work doing what eva. Liv

Re: Adapting Surface Mount IC's for Bread Boarding

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 21 20:58:11 EDT 1998 | Steve Gregory

Mike wrote: ...I did buy "Surfboards" built for this purpose but they averaged about $5.oo a piece, and when your running 20 trainers, and they still have to be soldered in place. $5 a test is kinda high when evaluating a 32 cent chip...(snip) Hi

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