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Where to source SMD bulk cassettes?

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 08 06:57:50 EST 2012 | pgarsoe

Murata designed the system: Promoting the Adoption of Bulk Cases An industry standard specification for bulk cases was adopted in March 1992. Although Murata holds the industrial property rights for this type of bulk case, we are encouraging its wid

Boeing..or Boing!!?? .. OK who did this????

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 25 07:56:08 EST 2013 | pgarsoe

Reuters 6:13 a.m. CST, January 25, 2013 A device seen as key to explaining why a Boeing Co. 787 Dreamliner jet made an emergency landing in Japan last week is burnt and unlikely to provide safety inspectors with data they need, said a person with kn

Nano coatings ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 25 09:46:08 EST 2013 | pgarsoe

davef, can you ask the companies to post their papers in the technical section and link to them from this post?...

looking for a job service/manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 16 19:06:28 EDT 2013 | pgarsoe

change your resume title in the career center to your job function or title... that will get seo results from google and more attractive responses... also use terms in your abstract that are likely to be what your prospective employers are looking fo

Dead link

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 17:10:22 EDT 2000 | pgarsoe

The link to the paper from the following page in your library: is dead. I have been unable to obtain any response from my attempts at registration, so in my frustration have decided that maybe you guys oughtta at least know about it. Regards, Steve

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