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used equipment shopping

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 19 04:16:29 EST 2007 | Rob

Hi Steve, Depends where you are in the world too - if in the UK I would go for the Topaz - easier to program & use than the GSM2, if not as good a machine. However there's a lot of 3rd party Quad support if you're in the states.

Quad 4c autoprogram

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 12 11:47:32 EST 2011 | pdl

Thanks Guys I was going to try it on Win98. Contact info pete@pdl-services.co.uk Mamy thanks Pete

SMTech 100iS

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 14:23:02 EST 2011 | gantry

Try: http://www.reprintservices.co.uk Seems as though they deal with and support that line of SmTech/Quad printers

board schematics for Samsung CP30 to 33 / Quad QSA30

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 26 07:24:29 EDT 2020 | sarason

Have you tried this solution https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SAMSUNG-CP30-VME-10-DPRAM-REV-001-03-I-O-BOARD/173217871888 sarason

Screen Printer Help - 100MV UP100 or Quad 100MV

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 08 12:06:25 EST 2021 | bobpan

Make sure the pins on the chip on the main display are not bent or tarnished...i have scraped the bottom of the legs before. I would try Reprint in UK. I think they still have parts.

Screen Printer Help - 100MV UP100 or Quad 100MV

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 08 12:10:24 EST 2021 | mendez

Do you recommend soldering the chip to the available smd surface pad? Did you mean https://www.sigmaprint.co.uk/? Thanks

Screen Printer Help - 100MV UP100 or Quad 100MV

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 08 13:15:23 EST 2021 | mendez

Honestly speaking, do you recommend fixing the printer? Is it very reliable? I tried calling sigmaprint.co.uk but they did not answer. The have no working links in their site and they might be out of business?

Multitroniks, Quad System and Tyco Info

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 06 15:54:06 EDT 2001 | Fox

I think that anyone who has any questions about Tyco Electronics' offerings as far as equipment should check out their new web site: automation.tycoelectronics.com One other note about the references to Dynapert equipment and their link to Multitron

Screen Printers

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 03 12:31:34 EST 2002 | ianlg

Hi Brad If you looking for an excellant new product check out Reprint Services ( http://www.reprintservices.co.uk ) Their R29 Screen printer is selling well in the UK and Europe and has just been launched into the far east. Due to launch this into t

Where can I get Quad AVX-500 spare parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 29 13:20:56 EDT 2004 | sigmaprint

Thanks for the link to SigmaPrint. SigmaPrint is the authorised supplier for service and genuine spare parts for the complete range of SMTech equipment aquired by Speedline in 1999. Servicing and parts supply are handled by ex SMTech customer support

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