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GSM-1 CEP Camera

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 02 10:42:16 EDT 2010 | eezday

I spoke to a field service rep from Universal and he also suggested cycling the power on the machine. Unfortunately this didn't help me but I see a trend. I'm still open to any suggestion. I'm wondering, should I see a bright white light when the

samsung cp40 help for problem with fiducial camera and fixing camera

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 29 10:27:01 EDT 2015 | risorse_new

Goodmornin I have a problem with the fixing and move cameras, i don't see the image of the cameras on the screen. On the monitor i see the cross and letter, but i can no see on the black box the camera images. I know the problem is on the ADDA Board.

Reflow Profiling

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 25 09:30:08 EDT 2017 | cyber_wolf

"We use Mistral 360 with glass top where you can "see" your process while board pass through the oven, you see when the paste dry, you see when the reflow starts, what is the time above liquid etc etc, and can adjust up or down with few degrees in ea

Immersion Silver Issues

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 07 13:27:40 EDT 2017 | dleeper

Are you seeing this on bare PCBs or after assembly? with Immersion silver, the finish over the copper should be very thin and uniform, that's the main advantage of ImAg. You should not be seeing excess plating filling vias unless: A)Its HASL, not

DEK Proflow Head

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 16:25:52 EDT 2018 | ceharperc1

Anyone with a lot of printing experience, especially in proflow process? I am seeing a lot of voids in the bottom of the head after running. Will run with multiple good assemblies with paste volume being between 60% and 150%, out of no where we wil

DEK 265 to DEK Horizon 2 question

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 20 17:26:07 EST 2020 | sumote

I see what the issue is now. A previous owner has removed the slider from the machine. I can see where it was mounted (bare metal where it was originally mounted as opposed to the black paint/powder coat). Is this slider available to purchase to re

"connector fell off"

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 04 14:59:38 EDT 2004 | davef

When you say, "you can see the plating of each lead embedded in the broken solder joint", we do not get the sense of a well soldered connection. * We don't expect to see [or make the distinction] of the plating from the connector in the solder. We

Universal Rad 6348A chain advancement problems.....

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 18 14:38:59 EST 2004 | EED

There is a couple of things to check. Put the machine in diagnostics and let the chain run. You should see it run the same as you would if purging it. Sometimes the 2 hall effects at the disk do not see the disk as it turns. Check the driver board

Tombstones? Pb vs Pb Free

Electronics Forum | Tue May 09 14:23:40 EDT 2006 | flipit

I would like to know what you are seeing in production. I have read the papers that state fewer tombstones with SAC305 as well as the papers that state more tombstones with SAC305. I am seeing more tombstones with SAC305. I place a lot of 0402 com


Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 05 04:17:26 EST 2009 | gregoryyork

I see thanks for that

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