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solder ball after reflow owen

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 24 14:42:30 EDT 2006 | any

y we had solder ball after reflow owen?

solder balls on pcb

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 27 14:15:47 EDT 2008 | hussman

So you passed a BARE board thru the oven and got solder balls?

Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 17:09:22 EDT 2009 | padawanlinuxero

What risk I have if I left solder balls on some pcb?

Solder balls on pads - lead free

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 19 11:04:49 EDT 2012 | davef

Melissa ... Are you calling the blobs of solder on the pads solder balls?

Solder Ball

Electronics Forum | Mon May 20 02:59:24 EDT 2013 | ultimatejoker

What is the effect of Ni in SAC Solder Ball?

Tools / Methods to remove solder balls

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 16 09:01:28 EST 2000 | Ashok Dhawan

I am looking for suggestions on " How to remove solder Balls". We have some designs and tools where nothing can be done economically except to remove the solder balls manually. We are using "Probe" picks to do that job. Anyone who can suggest a bet

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 16:14:54 EST 2001 | Antonio

I've recently read a posting here which said that the person was trying to reduce solder balls. One of the things the person had done was to adjust the reflow profile so as to be hotter and longer in the reflow state. Am I wrong here? I thought th

Solder balls under LLP

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 26 17:27:48 EDT 2005 | saragorcos

Hello there, Most probably, since the solder balls are entrapped, it is a process indicator, but refer to IPC 610- on Excess solder / solder balls / splashes - it really depends on what class you are manufacturing, and the minimum electrical c

Solder Balls and Humidity

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 23 16:28:14 EDT 2007 | grics

I want to get a collective opinion from the forum... I was always under the impression that Humidity at SMT can be a disaster and can cause solder balls... But what about at the Wave/Selective solder? If every board or almost every board has solder

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 19:27:27 EDT 2001 | eliishee

I have no choice, as per customer's request to remove the solder balls. Can i use water to clean away the solder ball since i'm using RMA solder paste not the water soluable paste.

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