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Yestech AOI question

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 13 10:40:38 EST 2011 | tony_d

Good Day Michelle, If you are looking for a solid AOI system that is simple to program and extremely accurate my recommendation is MIRTEC by far. We checked out several machines and narrowed the selection down to two, YESTech and MIRTEC. We had an

Has anybody have exp. with a MVP AOI?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 22 22:48:46 EDT 2011 | tony_d

Hello NHTech, When it came time to invest in AOI, my team and I checked out several machines. We run a wide variety of products and our changeover is high, on the order of five to ten jobs per day. MVP is one of the machines that we looked at, how

AOI, Questions that never die !

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 26 09:05:09 EDT 2008 | tony_d

Hello INGE FI, I know what you are going through. A few years back, I was faced with having to purchase AOI equipment for my business. My selection team and I looked at several different AOI manufacturers. We found that only two AOI vendors were sui

AOI YesTech YTVF1 Series Feedback

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 12 10:41:09 EDT 2006 | tony_d

I agree with JME... You really need to do your homework when it comes to verifying if an AOI machine, or any other machine, will meet your requirements. Be sure to check out MIRTEC as well. Thes guys have got a very good name in the industry. My


Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 08:12:20 EST 2007 | tony_d

Hello Jose, MIRTEC has the best Desktop machine on the market. They are a little more pricy than some of the competitve systems, but well worth the extra $$$. We recently bought one of these machines and my people love it. It is the perfect fit

Machine AOI

Electronics Forum | Wed May 23 08:39:37 EDT 2012 | tony_d

Thomas, We evaluated several AOI machines and narrowed the field to two, YESTech and MIRTEC. We had an opportunity to work with both of these machines on our production floor. In our experience, the MIRTEC machine simply outperformed the competitive


Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 01 07:51:58 EDT 2013 | tony_d

Hello 2000Nog, I think you are limiting your options here. We use MIRTEC at my facility. I am familiar with both YESTech and Vitrox (Agilent). IMO MIRTEC continues to lead the pack in technology. Worth a look before you buy. Just my two cents...

AOI, Questions that never die !

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 26 17:58:15 EDT 2008 | inge_fi

Hi Tony_D, thanks a lot for your answer! Yes I'd want to follow your advice, but Here in Italy I really don't find a Mirtec distributor yet. Also for me the defect coverage is a basic feature for the AOI and also in my company we have low volume high

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