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Re: PCB warpage

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 15 11:05:50 EDT 1999 | Mark Phinney

Earliar we had problems with board warpage, Much of our problem was due to imbalances in the copper on oppisite layers in brief on a 8 layer board the copper on layer 1 should = the copper on layer 8, 2=7, 3=6, 4 = 5. We added copper to some layers t

Re: Heat Dissipation Problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 01 14:31:22 EDT 1999 | Dave F

To aid in heat dissipation of our PCB, we would like to try having copper fill areas on the board that are hot air levelled and not covered with solder resist. Then, when the board is reflowed, solder paste would be applied and then solder. Has any

SMD Inspection and Touch-up

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 23 10:47:31 EDT 1999 | Mark D. Milward

There is a practise within the industry of an Inspector inspecting a board, and that same Inspector performing touch-up. My opinion is that the Inspection and Touch-up operations should be separate functions whereby the Inspector is not performing th

Re: BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 09 14:51:08 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

Does anyone have thoughts on BGA rework. We now use the OK BGA 3000 and now am considering an Infrared machine. Any thoughts? I've used Pace, Conceptronic and, now, SRT machines. Bottom side IR is OK. Better thermal balance is achieved with hot

Alternatives to device bake out

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 19 06:45:29 EST 1999 | Charles Stringer

Does anybody have any reliable alternatives to device bake out for plastic bodied components. We do not use a whole package at time and therefore have to oven bake the balance before we can use them. I have come accross dry nitrogen storage chambers


Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 24 20:18:51 EDT 1998 | S. L. Vito

I am studing the possibility of a line with one Siemens SIPLACE 80 F and a PANASONIC machine (cam be a MSH-G3 or MVIIF (m) or MSHII (m)). I have several reasons to do this, but i would like to know more details about operating this kind of line. Can

Re: Thank you oh voice with split tongue

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 22 07:42:33 EDT 1998 | Wayne Bracy

Oh we are now "Sales Weasels" and may I add you to this fine list of Gentlemen? I agree with you Jon and I know that the forum will have it's own way of weeding out the problem generators abd establish a happy balance between the two. Reading throug

BGA underfilling

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 16:13:48 EST 2001 | davef

Underfill is primarily used in flip chip, CSP attach applications. It is used to balance the differing thermal expansion rates for an organic board, solder, and silicon die. There are a fair number of papers written on this in the SMTA [www.smta.or

Wavesolder for a second PASS

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 31 08:59:36 EST 2001 | Don Adams

The second pass in the wave is pretty extreme and will probably aggravate the conditions which caused warpage in the first place. Areas to look for problems, The lay up of the boards at fabrication or the materials used can lead to warpage. Work wi

Rippling effect of stencils

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 00:39:09 EST 2002 | Jones

I've noticed that after we have switched to Transition Automation blades on our MPM screen printers that the stencils seem to be wearing out faster and I see a wavy rippling effect across the length of the stencil thats impacted by the squeege blade.

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